Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Student Athlete

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The College Student Athlete

College athletes go above and beyond the normal student to get where they are in their sport. They spend numerous hours training physically and mentally to be as good as they can be. Not only do they drive themselves to be the best, they also feel pressures from teammates, coaches, and the school officials. Many researchers say,

“In the domain of sport psychology, the construct of perfectionism is extremely relevant because it appears to have the potential to either help or hinder athletes in their pursuit of achievement goals”(Gotwals).

The school also effects the student athlete because they want the student to be the best at whatever sport they play in order to make that school look like they are doing well in athletics. When a college athletic department looks good, coaches can better encourage high school students to come to their school. When an athlete in high school is looking for a good college to attend, they also look at the sports programs in hopes of playing there. We need to take a closer look at how much pressure is put on our college athletes. There is too much stress placed on college athletes, which causes them to suffer in other areas of their lives.

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In order to be successful in a college athletic program, one must start as early as possible by connecting with that school. One way to do this is by going to the sports summer camps that the college offers. These camps are designed for high school students as well as returning athletes of that college. While participating in these programs, “[s]tudents may miss the chance to explore intellectual or artistic interests, experience the rewards of volunteering in the community or work at a paid job”(Greene). Unfortunately, it seems, students have to sacrifice to get into a school of their choice. They are not getting paid for all the work they do for their school’s sports program, they are doing it because they want to go to school there. They also sacrifice family vacations and time off from school. College students who give up their summers and time throughout the school year.

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