Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nurture Versus Nature

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Nurture versus nature. The ultimate question as to who we are or what we want to be. Does nurture play a big role in our personalities or is it nature. This is a question that has scientist wondering.

In my opinion, both. Nature determines who we are based on our genes and nurture molds who we are based on our living conditions. All individuals are affected by their living circumstances which ultimately shapes who we are.

Scientists have studied children of adoptive parents. Ultimately the genes are different. However, the children show characteristics on the outside of acting like the people that raised them. You've heard of the blacksheep of the family. The one child who is different from the others. Different to the point that it would be hard to believe they came from the same family. Yet, all children have the same parents. It answers the question of Nature vs. Nurture. How can that be argued?

Its easy to speculate and often its quite a controversial subject. Genes and more genes and all so confusing yet we almost have an assignment for each gene. Some genes are assigned their duties such as down syndrome however we are still searching for alcoholism who it affects and if its hereditary or nature vs. nurture.

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Many scientist work on many projects learning about genetics and trying to pinpoint every gene and what they represent. A lot of hard work and time still couldnt prove a lot of what we would like to know. However, it doesnt take an Einstein to figure out Nurture versus nature.

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