Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Wave - An Important Scene

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One important incident that took place in the novel 'The Wave' by Morton Rhue was the final scene when Ben Ross tells the students who their national leader is.

During this scene the Wave movement is ended. Ben Ross arriving late goes up onto the stage when he arrives and sees people holding Wave banners and people chanting the Wave mottoes. Ben Ross leaves the students in suspense for a while. He eventually shows them that their leader would have been Adolf Hitler. All the students leave quickly realising how silly they have been.

One reason why I thought this scene was important was because it proves history can repeat itself. At the start of the novel when Ben Ross first shows his students a film about Nazi Germany they are all shocked. After the film while the students are having their lunch, still shocked about what they have just seen David Collins says, “It happened once and the world learned its lesson It’ll never happen again.” The Wave did show several things that were also in Nazi Germany. For example the Wave had a motto just like Nazi Germany “Strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action.” Like Nazi Germany the Wave also had a symbol. The Wave’s had membership cards just like Nazi Germany also.

Another reason why I thought this scene was important was because the Wave members find out they have been living a lie. They are taught by Ben Ross that life is nothing like the Wave and that “you must always question what you do rather than blindly follow a leader”. The one student who loses out from the Wave ending is Robert Billings. At the start of the novel Robert Billings is called the “class loser”. Everybody in the Wave is treated equally; this increases Robert Billing’s social status. He gains both friends and self-confidence.

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One more reason why I thought this scene was important was because of the reaction of the students when they are shown who their leader would have been. When the Wave ends the students are in shock. They realise they have been stupid to have followed without thinking about what they are doing. “The effect on the students was staggering.” “The floor quickly became with yellow membership cards and all thoughts of military posture were forgotten as the slunk out of the auditorium.”

The final reason why I thought this scene was important was because it ends the Wave movement. The Wave has become out of hand, Ben Ross has been told he will lose his job if he cannot end the movement before the end of the day. The Wave is shown by things such as the article Laurie received from an anonymous student titled “Welcome to the Wave, or else” and a Jewish boy getting beaten up. When the Wave has ended and almost everyone is gone he thought, “he was alone, he sighed and said Thank God. He was relieved that it had ended well, and thankful that he still had a job at Gordon High.”

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