Friday, December 16, 2011

World Peace

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We live in an era where the world is getting geographically closer with times, the cultural alienation adn distance, caused by lack of understanding between countries and their culturesm is increasing. As a result, a great number of conflicts, caused by selfish motives are incessantly happening all over the world . I have come to believe we can pave a better way for mutual understanding and the realization of A global Commnity of Peace and Harmony on this planet through a variety of activities aimed purely at the exchange of culture and art beyond the interests between countries.

When people of countries that have had a historically uneasy relationship meet and converse with each other, they can become friendly and break down the barriers of prejudice, ignorance and misunderstanding one by one, and finally cease the wars and conflicts between races and countries.

Although we speak different languages , we can still communicate effectively and share each others feelings in the language of the heart and spirit flowing through culture an dart. Due to different customs, social systems,cultures and religions , we may probably have some difficulties in getting along with each other in the beginning . Howerver, in the course of continuing to meet and talk to one another, I believe that we can construct the bridge of understanding toward each other, leading ot the ideal world of harmony and joy.

Understanding the philosophies of various races and religions is vital in preserving peace and preventing the kind of cultural misunderstanding that led to unrest and trouble in Malaysia. In order to broaden their prespective of humanity, people are urged to raise their own inner life-condition by pursuing the knowledge and wisdom which will enable them to understand how others think. Then it becomes possible to repect and even treasure each others differences.

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In addition to having wisdom, one must have the compassion and courage to use it to perceive humankind's difficulties and to help overcome them. To merely know and understan the problems of others is just sympathy not wisdom, true compassion or courage.

Each person should try and strive to build a better world by strengthening themselves and actively helping others.

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