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Alas, Babylon

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The novel, 'Alas, Babylon', written by Pat Frank depicts the portrait of a small Florida towns great efforts to survive the consequences of an extreme nuclear war. It conveys the story of a war that did not actually occur. In realism, a devastating nuclear struggle that practically destroys civilization in the United States occurs. This book describes the pinnacle of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, which was in the late 1950s and early 1960s.But the novel is eventually more concerned in ordinary everyday people than in international political affairs. The story focuses mostly on the small town of Fort Repose, Florida, and how its residents are forced to deal with a new situation that has never been handled before. Organization and order fails in Fort Repose. However, during the latter parts of the novel is gradually refurbished. With the help of collaboration in friendship between the main characters, this is why Fort Repose is coming back into order again. Disagreement between the main characters is almost absent. At the concluding parts of the novel, Fort Repose has gradually solved a number of catastrophes involving radiation poisoning, food shortages, and crime. It also has become actually an enjoyable and peaceful place to reside. Fort Repose has become such a nice place to live that when an offer arrives to helicopter some people to a safer part of the country, it is opposed, for the characters prefer to stay and continue rebuilding the town. I believe that everything will always work out, even if you believe it to be the worst thing that could happen to you. I also believe that we should always be prepared for anything and always expect the unexpected. If the major cities of Florida, such as Orlando and Miami, would have been more prepared and not only station electrical units only in those major cities. I believe Fort Repose would have been better off with electricity that was running in their town. The power would not necessarily go out if electrical units were located in Fort Repose, for bombs and other type things would not have actually hit this town because of its little importance.

I believe that 'Alas, Babylon' is an interesting book and informs us greatly about the way the people of Fort Repose survived during this type of crisis.

'Alas, Babylon' by Pat Frank is an extremely interesting story that teaches and informs you about the way the people for Fort Repose handles the problems created by the Cold War. The novel tells about the SAC and real cities that were heavily damaged. This novel elaborately describes the problems that the residents are forced to cope with. Even though, the characters of this novel are not exactly real people, the author still gives you the idea of survival after a nuclear attack. Several dangerous and damaging things consequently occur after a war and especially a nuclear attack. Radiation is extremely dangerous, because you cannot see the radiation and cannot be sure exactly where it is present. Some people even possessed radiation in their jewelry and had no idea, until Dan Gunn discovered it. This is why nuclear attacks are excessively hazardous to the health. Various other problems and issues occur in this novel, and all of these issues are discussed in and are specific. In my point of view, several books that are too elaborate can cause the novel to be slightly boring and repetitive, but the book, 'Alas, Babylon', somehow did not seem as boring or repetitive. I believe this to be, because a war and a nuclear attack are excessively important and should be cared for and shown concern for. Even the tiniest items cause the largest problems in an isolated town such as Fort Repose. The dying of Florence Wechek’s fish and then the “murdering” of her bird causes Randy to think differently and compare that small, yet important example, in life. I don’t actually know which parts of this story is true or false, so I desire to learn more about the Cold War and what happened before, during, and after it.

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