Monday, January 9, 2012

Dark City - A Journey Through the Unknown

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What if all human beings contain memories that are not their own? One of the most compelling visual experiences ever to be brought to the silver screen is Dark City. For centuries, mankind has searched endlessly for the meaning of life through methods that expand beyond our greatest imagination. Dark City portrays a unique kind of idea by allowing the audience to discover that it isn’t the humans who are trying to determine the significance behind their existence, but a dying race of alien beings.

The story behind this remarkable, dreamlike world of an era representing 1990’s America stimulates he passion of the aliens, known only as the “Strangers,” to search for humans are like. In order for their dying race to survive, they must learn exactly how humans live according to the deep complexity of the mind. Only then will the Strangers realize what is vital for a living race to continue their survival through the ages. When the clock strikes midnight, so does time itself. This effect allows the Stranger to control the humans’ coexistence by injecting certain memories into their heads and examining how they live with their newfound lives.

There are many aspects that carry deep philosophical meaning in this movie. Even though it still acquires the typical good verses evil theme, many smaller points are revealed to give the story and character a better metaphorical significance. For example, in a world of pure darkness, the characters in the story never question the absence of light. Why? Perhaps, their implanted memories convince them that the sun indeed exists so they hold no reason to doubt its existence. Possibly, humans rely solely on what their mind tells them that they fail to look anywhere else. When knowledge inhabits the mind, people find no reason to deny the impossible.

The lack of light also may indicate that when people are unsure of whom they really are they are left in the dark. Not until the very end when evil is vanquished and things begin to better themselves will light expose itself to the world. This is a message that explains how life handles things. Darkness causes a person to stray from the emotional, physical, and spiritual implications of life. It resembles the difficulty that the population of Dark City goes through even thought they cannot see it with their own eyes.

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The theme of the movie is confronted near the end when the hero of the story informs the Strangers that they had been looking in the wrong place for answers. He then points to his heart, suggesting that what makes us human is not the ability we have with our brains, but with the profound emotions we have within our hearts. The power to love is a much stronger feeling than the capability to think.

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