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Double Trouble

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Queensland summer in a small western suburb a hot, hot day in late January.

His heavy book bag slung over his shoulder, Aaron Brown, slim, red haired, freckled, big ears trudged along the eroded sidewalk at 7 o'clock this morning, on his way to Saint Petersburg’s High School.

He walked slowly, feet dragging on the ground, shoulders slouched over, and a frown on his face.

Filled with anger, nervousness, and disappointment.

This was after all the first day of school.

He was angry and upset that his mother had made him attend school today, butterflies in his stomach, and a pale face, scared that this year was going to be like all the others, Craig McNeil and his friends making fun of him calling him dumby, D for dumbo, because of his big ears, and umby for gumby because he is lanky and uncoordinated.

At the bottom of the hill exactly 1 kilometre from his house he turned the corner and saw the school right in front of him.

It wasn’t one of the nicest buildings, single story, faded off-white, nothing stood out except for this great big brass bell with a frayed rope dangling down, that hadn’t been used for years.

Taking a short cut through the hedge, to dodge Craig McNeil, Aaron walked over the football field, dew leaping from the toes of his shoes, grasshoppers jumping out of his path.

He glanced to his right and noticed a shaded spot under the big old oak tree next to the home grandstands, and a memory suddenly came back to him. It was a spring day in that very spot. He and Craig McNeil facing each other, ready to slug it out. Craig was a ninth grader, a big kid he’d been kept back a year. He was dressed in dark clothes that smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. For no particular reason he’d taken an instant disliking to quiet Aaron, who was a year younger and 0 kilograms lighter. Craig McNeil and his friends had mercilessly tormented him all year until finally Aaron had had enough and agreed to Craig’s taunt to fight it out after school.

The boys circled, Aaron terrified but defiant. Craig threw the first punch. Aaron blocked it but then the bully’s left fist appeared from nowhere and clocked Aaron in the cheek. He went down on his knees and Craig lept on him. Flailing away, Aaron’s thin arms helpless to protect him from the stunning blows. The big boy then stood and was about to deliver a vicious kick to Aaron’s rib’s when a mans voice cut the air

“Boys that’s enough.”

Coach Labell stepped forward, pulled Craig McNeil away and ordered him to the principal’s office. Sneering, the boy stormed away.

The coach then helped Aaron up and surveyed to damage to his face. The man said “first to nurse, but I’m afraid you’re going to the principal too, Aaron.”

“Yes sir.”

The grizzled crew cut man handed Aaron a kleenex for the blood, and the tears, waited a moment and then he said, “I want to tell you something young man.”

“Yes sir?”

“You want to know what I want you to think what the biggest difference is between being a child and being an adult?”

“What’s that?”

“Knowing the difference between the times that you have to fight and the times you should walk away. You know what I am saying?”

Aaron nodded.

“Good. Now go and see the nurse and get that crap cleaned up.”

As Aaron walks solemnly towards the door, Coach Labell called “Oh Aaron?”

The boy turned “Yes sir?”

“About the times that you do have to fight?” said the Coach as he pointed a stubby finger at Aaron. “You’d better learn to watch for left hooks or you are going to lose some teeth.”

“I’ll do that coach”, Aaron said.

Now, this hot, hot, first day of school, trudging through the dewy grass, Aaron shifted his heavy book bag to the other shoulder, while making his way to administration to check the class lists for this year.

Many people created a small space around the lists, and Aaron had to push his way through the crowd to get a look. Looking down he saw the name that he had been dreading for years. Craig McNeil - 8B - the same class as him. He went pale, and very dizzy. One of the teachers came rushing over. It was Mrs. Withers, she was the nicest and oldest teacher in the school, and had been Aaron’s Year 1 teacher. Aaron slowly regained his composure and was right to leave.

Strolling into his form class now, Aaron unslung his book bag and sat down as the last of the students filed in. He could see that some of them were filled with excitement, some with anticipation, and some with curiosity. But not Craig McNeil. He was staring at Aaron with a cold look in his eyes.

Then the bell rang. A jarring noise, and Aaron and the rest of the class stood up. The students were looking towards the teacher’s desk.


The teacher took a deep breath, turned around and picked up a white board marker. He wrote on the board. “Mr Aaron Brown Form Teacher and 8th Grade English Teacher”. He looked down at his class roll and then up at Craig McNeil, still not believing it, after being tormented and bullied every day by Craig McNeil at school when he was young, he was going to have to put up with teaching his son, Craig McNeil Jnr.

By Andrew Mitchell

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