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Dramatic Conventions

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Play writes use dramatic conventions frequently in their work. American author Authur Miller and Russian author, Anton Chekhov are masters of illustrating these. Miller and Chekvoc use dramatic conventions of aside, conflict, and authentic dialog in their plays 'The Crucible' and 'The Brute'.

Miller uses authentic dialog in 'The Crucible'. For example in this one particular scene Mr. Proctor tells Reverend Hale about Abigail and the other girls dancing in the woods at night. It is thought that the girls are bewitched. However Proctor tells Hale that “the children’s sickness ha[s] naught to do with witchcraft”. Miller uses the word “naught instead of the modern word “nothing” because he wants to set the time period of the trials of 16 to make the setting more believable to the reader. In another scene Mary Warren makes a gift for Mrs. Proctor while she had been sitting in court for a long time. Mrs. Proctor looks at Mary’s gift and says “why, thank you, it’s a fair poppet”. Back in 16 people used to call dolls poppets, so Miller decides to use the word “poppet” instead of “doll” which is used more among people. He does this to make the readers feel like it is really 16 and not the present year in which the play is read.

Miller also uses conflict in 'The Crucible'. One major scene takes place when Abigail and Mr. Proctor are alone behind the house talking about what happened between them. Abigail says about Mrs. Proctor, his wife, “she is a cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her”. Miller uses this as conflict because Abby wants John Proctor, but he does not want her. She blames him not wanting her because of Mrs. Proctor’s lies that she tells about Abby. Miller wants the readers, to know that there is tension between Abigail and the Proctor Family. Another scene is when Mary Warren and Mr. Proctor show up at the court to tell about Abigail and the other girls that all the people they had hanged were not witches, but that the girls pretended like they were. Abby turns it all around and says that it was Mary making them act that way. Mary gets scared and goes on Abby’s side and points at Mr. Procter and says, “you’re the Devil's man”. Miller’s conflict s that Mary is scared to tell the truth about Abby and the other girls because of what Abby might do to her, so Mary goes against Mr. Proctor and makes him look like he is doing the Devil’s work. Miller wants us not only to see the lies that everyone tells about witchcraft but to feel the tension that is brought between everyone.

In his farce Chekhov uses the aside. In one scene, Smirnov, rudely demands that Mrs. Popev pay her husband’s debts and that her footman, Luka, bring him some vodka. Mrs. Popev can not pay him the money and Luka brings him water instead of vodka. Luka says about Smirnov in an aside that “there’s an evil spirit abroad! The Devil must have sent him! Oh”. Luka does not intend for Smirnov to hear his comment, because he knows Smirnov would be offended. However, Chekhov has Luka say this aside for the benefit of the audience because it is funny to hear what Luka really wants to say to Smirnov, but does not. In another scene Smirnov and Mrs. Popev decide to have a duel, which is a legal fight between two people. As Smirnov is showing Mrs. Popev how to operate the revolver he says aside, “my Lord, what eyes she has! They’re setting me on fire”. He says this as an aside because he does not want her to hear that he is starting to have feelings for her but wants the audience to know he does.

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Miller and Chokhov use of dramatic conventions in their plays are spectacular. For 'The Crucible' Miller used authentic dialog so the readers would get a feel of how they talked in 16. He also used conflict to express the tension between everyone back than about witches and practice of witchcraft. Chekhov used aside to make his farce, The Brute. When he put aside in his play it was meant for it to be funny and make the audience laugh.

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