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Functions of Management

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Functions of Management

Have you ever been in an interview where you and the person interviewing you just sat there in an awkward silence wondering what or where to start? Or been on your new job for training and the trainer wasn’t prepared and was more confusing than informative? Not only is it an uncomfortable situation to be in, but it can also be completely avoided by proper planning, organizing, leading, and controlling by management of the company.

I currently work for Cingular Wireless as a retail service consultant. When I was first interviewed and later hired I was very impressed with how thorough and organized the whole process was. After submitting an interview online, the company then narrows it’s choices down to a list of a few eligible prospects. Once you have made it to the prospect list, they plan a series of interviews and tests that the prospect must sit through.

During the initial interview it is made clear to the prospect how the hiring process works so it can be discussed and planned for accordingly. This type of interviewing process is almost easing to the mind of the prospect because the company has policies and procedures they follow for hiring and they take control of the situation. By organizing and informing the prospect about the interview process it simply let’s them know what to expect in the future and when to expect it.

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Over my time with Cingular Wireless I have noticed just how well everything is planned and organized. This is complete from in class training and on the job training when you are a new comer, to new products and services that have just become available to the customers and the staff is given training on it specifically.

Luckily, my supervisor was not only great throughout the whole hiring process, but he carries all those qualities through to his everyday job. As an incentive, we all have goals to reach in order to obtain our compensation money. Once that goal has been reached we get commission off of our sales on top of the compensation money. Besides the company awarding us through our paychecks for doing a good job, they are also constantly doing things for their employees to show their appreciation.

Now, I realize anyone could work toward their goal and be perfectly content with the monetary awards, but my manager is the type who will give you guidance and motivation every step of the way. He will take the time needed to make sure we are all up to speed with work and happy with our lives and our jobs. One thing I will never forget that he said to me was that no matter what my goals were in life and no matter what, if any, relevance they had to my job, he was there to help me work towards those goals and obtain them. And the best thing about it is that he is sincere. He understands that the happier we are with our lives, the better we will perform on the job.

This is great because it sets a good atmosphere in the office. It feels more like a family rather than coworkers and we all know everyone there really cares about the customer, their job, and each other. My supervisor is also the type of manager that will lead us, but at the same time give us as much control and responsibilities as we can handle. He will let the employees handle everything we are willing to take on and give us enough slack to make our own decisions, even if that means making mistakes. While these mistakes could have been fewer or prevented all together if the manager himself had done it, we would never have the opportunity to learn it otherwise.

His planning and organization is vital to our stores success. If he didn’t keep the store and the staff organized and the schedules well planned, we wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of the customers. In turn, we would lose customers, sales, and quite a bit of money.

In my job I am responsible for a mix of sales, customer service, tracking, and paperwork needed to be done on a daily basis. Each day is challenging and it can get very hectic. Without us staying organized or in control of the situation at all times we would fall apart.

Closing time is especially important for us to be precise in our job. This is when we close registers and account for all the money and merchandise that entered and left our store for the day. In order for us to function and succeed in our job we have to plan out our days and nights without getting side tracked.

The best way to ensure against mistakes for the company, the manager, and the employees is to plan, organize, lead, and control effectively. If any one part of the team fails at any one of the aspects, the whole company would suffer the consequences.

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