Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Goals of the Business

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Financial - The business is aiming to achieve through improved profits, long-term market growth and being a market leader. Such as “Expanding the business into a larger and more efficient working environment” and “Also expanding through market growth into more districts”.

Social - Aiming to create an excellent public image through good service, through sponsorship, providing educational opportunities and also providing personal growth and achievement.

Personal - Would like to extend the business through expanding in a short period of time, a substantial amount of profit received from the selling outputs. There are many stakeholders involved in this business, these include customers/clients, employees, creditors, and shareholders. They all play an important part towards the future state of the environment.Responsibilities that the business has to internal and external stakeholders

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Internal responsibilities

Within the business there is a responsibility to:

• enable owners or shareholders to pursue the attainment of their goals

• provide employees with safe and healthy workplaces, a satisfying job and conditions which will promote successful working lives

• pay conditions must be correctly

• give management and other staff opportunities to archive satisfying and fulfilling careers.

• Employees having the right amount of lunch breaks

External responsibilities

Outside of the actual operations of the business, the business has a responsibility to:

• Ensure that all debts to creditors are paid on time

• Provide quality goods and services to customers. After sales service, prompt and efficient maintenance are also important

• obey all government rules and regulations

• have a positive impact on the environment

• minimize waste and dispose of waste properly

• be socially responsible by not only providing employment and income, but also by taking additional measures to improve welfare.

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