Sunday, January 29, 2012

Living Room

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Upon entering the twenty-five year old, ranch style house, you can’t help but notice the light smell of warm, fresh banana, nut bread lingering in the cool breezy air. The viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the large brick fireplace. The white brick face of the fireplace has somewhat yellowed with age, and the mortar has turned a smoky grey color. The glass covering the mouth of the fireplace offers a view of extremely large oak logs we used to light around a delicious cup of hot cocoa, which are now waiting to be relit. On the right side of the hearth, sits a eucalyptus arrangement. The mauve, teal, and rust colored eucalyptus sprigs are arranged in a bed of pearl marbles inside the frosted glass vase. Along with the smell of banana nut bread, the eucalyptus radiates a strong scent that permeates the room and heightens the senses. On the left side of the hearth, stand the brass fireplace utensils. Above the mantel hangs a piece of our child hood, a large oil painting my grandmother had hand painted. The painting represents the endless summer nights at my grandparents as we lay in out pajamas watching her paint her master piece. The original painting entices the eyes with its pastel colored flowers arranged in a simple vase.

To the left of the painting, the viewer’s focus is drawn to the built-in oak stained bookshelves. Among the dusty, old books are mementos of a family’s life. On one of the shelves are the schools photos of my brother, sister and I, which are memories we care not to share, but that are to “precious” to hide. These photos are complimented by an adjacent shelf, which contains pictures of the vigorous sporting events my brother and I participate in. Amid these portraits are several small oil paintings. On numerous other shelves, there are ten wooden ducks. The ducks differ in size and are each individually named after the overwhelmingly long fishing trips with my father. The ducks are different in texture, but are all uniquely hand carved. As if guarding the wooden ducks an ivory statue of St. Francis stands regally. Beside the statue is a ceramic angel holding a tiny rabbit. Beneath the bookshelves are built-in cabinets and drawers. One of the cabinets houses a twenty year old, twenty-six inch console television. In the drawers there are numerous photographs of babies, animals, and other family occasions.

Beside the bookshelves stands a family heirloom. It is a walnut stained, oak grandfather clock. The clock contains three brass weights that hang above a swinging pendulum. The face of the clock is silver and is framed by ornate gold leaflets. The time is indicated by golden plated numerals, which are underneath a calendar that shows the position of the moon. Sitting opposite of the bookshelves are two dusty blue colored couches, which are arranged in an “L” shape. Printed on the blue background are beige and mauve colored flowers, which contain sea foam green stems and pea green leaves. On each couch sits four square pillows that contain the same floral pattern.

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Between the two couches is an end table. The end table is composed of an oak top and seven glass windows. Accenting the table is a shiny brass lamp with an eggshell-colored, accordion pleated shade. In front of the two couches is a coffee table. The table has four stout wooden legs, which connect a wooden framed glass top, and a solid wooden bottom.

Throughout the room, smoky grey, plush carpet covers the floor. This warm inviting family room has many eye catching accents and generates a very relaxing atmosphere, which is why this is my favorite place to be.

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