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“Napoleon gave practical expression to the principles of the French Revolution”, do you agree?


Napoleon is widely known as dictator. But this is not the name you would usually give to a ruler who listened to and did so much for his people. In most areas Napoleon stuck to the guidelines set out by the great minds behind the revolution. He brought equality to all, gave education to all, and out of a failure created a nation that was feared by all its neighbours.

Napoleon’s main following of the revolutionary ideals would obviously have been his obsession with equality. Being one of the most important of the revolutionary ideals, equality was interspersed with all of Napoleon’s reforms

In the removal of the privileges and status of the nobles Napoleon introduced the fundamentals of equality in France.

The unfair taxes such as the tithe and corvees were abolished and a general income tax was introduced throughout the social classes. One of the more surprising ways in which Napoleon was able to abolish these taxes was the confiscation and sale of much of the church lands. But Napoleon dealt with any ill feelings of the clergy through the signing of the ‘Concordat with the Pope”.

But Napoleon contradicts his seemingly strong beliefs in equality through his even stronger feelings of the inferiority of the female race.

An example of this can be seen in Napoleon’s educational reforms where he paid huge attention to the re-institution and betterment of France’s schools, purposefully excludes women from the educational system completely.

Another of Napoleon’s collaborations with the ideals of the French revolution was the move to creating a more definite legal system, in order to simplify the trial of criminals, thus making the judicial system more efficient. This also brought about equality in the form of equality before the law.

Contrary, however, to the revolutionary ideals was Napoleon’s outlawing of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Press’. This was totally against any of the ideals set out by the revolutionary forefathers. But the French citizens accepted this dictatorship without question because they knew that it was in France’s best interests to keep Napoleon in power.

Apart from a few exceptions, Napoleon did well to follow the revolution’s ideals as well as he did.


While he did support the ideals of the revolution and always sought the ‘approval’ of the French citizens, many would say that all of his efforts were really for the betterment of himself and his ego. Even so, Napoleon’s efforts in France brought it out of its post-revolutionary state of disarray, leaving it independent and influential in the European world.

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