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Signs and Symptoms

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The muscular disease carpal tunnel which is located in the wrist is a common condition caused by compression, or entrapment, of the median nerve (motor and sensory nerve) in the wrist, resulting in pain, muscle weakness, impaired reflexes, numbness and tingling in the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tendons in the wrist become inflamed after being irritated. Nerve compression, which may cause the carpal tunnel disease, is often associated with recurring activities (typing, painting hammering, computer use) that cause stress to the wrist which can cause damage, swelling and inflammation. The carpal tunnel is a canal in the wrist through which tendons, nerves and blood vessels pass through. The transverse carpal ligament covers the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the compression of the median nerve. The condition develops most often in people who regularly use machinery and tools, such as accountants, artists, musicians, painters writers, Assembly line workers Bys taxi and truck drivers, Carpenters Check out clerks computer operators and programmers.

Hobbies such as rowing knitting needle point and gardening may also increase the risk for carpal tunnel disease.

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Signs and Symptoms

The first symptoms usually appear at night. Symptoms range from a burning, tingling numbness in the fingers, especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers. Another symptom is difficultly gripping or making a fist. The main symptoms of carpal tunnel disease are pain and numbness in the thumb, index and middle fingers that often worsen at night and may radiate to the upper arm. Symptoms usually occur near the palm of the hand. Other symptoms include muscle weakness in the hand and wrist, tingling and impaired reflexes. In highly developed cases of the carpal tunnel disease, atrophy (shrinkage) of the fleshy area at the base of the thumb may occur.

Treatment for Carpal tunnel syndrome.

The best approach for dealing with Carpal tunnel syndrome

Is to visit your doctor. Though surgery is the best-known treatment a number if options exist based on your level of CTS and on personal preference.

Immobilizing the wrist in a splint to minimize or prevent pressure no the nerves treats Carpal tunnel syndrome. If that fails, carpel tunnel sufferers are sometimes given anti-inflammatory drugs or injections in the wrist to reduce the swelling. There is also a surgical procedure in which doctors can open at the wrist and cut the ligament at the bottom of the wist to relieve the pressure. Only a small percentage of patients require surgery

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