Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reflections of my English Year

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This year in English we had an immense amount of projects. Although at many times I was overwhelmed with work, this class has taught me a lot. These projects have involved using all aspects of what we knew prior to this class, including the first day of class when we discussed our meaningful learning experience, up to recently when we did the poem anthology. All of these “great” projects tested our skill in writing and helped us to become better writers.

I made great progress in my abilities to read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding. An experience that reflects my ability to do all the processes that I have stated was when we read “Our Town” by Thorton Wilder and then discussed the values of Jericho. To further increase our knowledge of Jericho, we interviewed people that have lived in Jericho for multiple decades to tell us about Jericho in the past. The three people that we interviewed were Gerda Miller, Ms. Murphy and Murray Wilensky they showed us pictures of how under-developed our town was compared to now and how the values of society have changed throughout the years. Then with the information we already knew and recently obtained we wrote an essay on the values of Jericho that have changed the most from past years. This project enabled us to have a better understanding of the citizens that lived here awhile ago, and gave us an extra opportunity to practice essay-writing.

I learned a lot about listening, speaking, reading and writing for literary response and expression. Another project we did was reading the novel “Black Boy” by Richard Wright, every night after we read we were required to write a literary log based on are feelings about the novel. These literary logs made sure that we looked more into the book then just reading the novel but instead understanding Richard and the troubles he had to deal with by being a poor black child growing up in the early 1900’s. These lit logs gave us extra help in practicing our writing skills.

To be successful in any assignment in English it is imperative that you are able to analyze and then interpret whatever you are doing. A project that tested those skills was what we did with the play Julius Caesar. During class we received the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare. We also watched the black and white movie, to analyze this work we watched the movie while reading along in the play. This helped us to understand what was happening in the play because most of it didn’t make sense to us because its written in Latin or Old English. After the analyze we then put our knowledge of the book to work as we were graded on an outline for an essay, which included main topics and supporting details for what we were writing about in the essay. Writing the outline tested our knowledge of the play/movie and also was useful practice for writing outlines for essay and writing essays. Learning to write outline is helpful because many times when you write an essay you forget to include information in it and the outline helps you so you think out your whole plan before writing.

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Interaction with peers is a big part of life, guess what else it’s a big part of? English class. In English class we were constantly working with our students to do group work and to get and give help to students about the project. When we read the play Antigone written by Sophocles, to make sure we understood the reading material we had to act out a scene of the ancient play with other group members. To authenticate the scenes we brought in props such as plastic swords, or crowns from Burger King. This acting of the play let us have fun with a relatively boring play and also made sure we understand the play which was also mostly in Latin and about Greek mythology which most of us don’t understand. Also letting us work with peers and having our grade contingent on others works and not just ours made sure that we were responsible with our work and made sure we kept everyone on task because many times in life we will be interdependent on others.

This year I have grown very much not just as an English student but as a person in general. I felt I have matured a lot throughout the year and have become a more responsible and diligent worker which will help me in the future. In future English classes I would like to further extend my vocabulary and understanding of the English language. Also I would love to become a better writer than I already am because I believe that learning to write is a huge factor in how people judge you and evaluate your intelligence.

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