Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cider with Rosie

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“ Cider With Rosie” by Laurie Lee

“Cider With Rosie” by Laurie Lee is an exciting autobiography about the life of the author when he was younger in a village, where there were traditions that have been lost and rarely seen. There is during the book enough time for him to play ‘doctors and nurses’ with another girl in the village. We see many things about the village change, some of these are described in this essay.

One of the bigger changes was the introduction to the village of the “brass lamped motor car”. In Laurie Lee’s the horse was depended upon greatly, “man and horse were all the power we had”. Everything was done with the help of the horse, transport, ploughing fields to say a few. Without the horse then, everything would pretty much collapse, “the horse was king and almost everything grew around him”. Then the car came in modernising everything, the way they move from village to village and place to place. The cars went at such a fast speed to the villagers compared to the horse, “faced by speeds beyond comprehension”.

Just as the car replaced the horse, the charabanc replaced the carts. The carts used to be all they had, other than walking to get to other towns or villages. The carts didn’t hold many people but the price wasn’t too bad, “the carriage held six and the fare was two pence”. Some carts only ran about twice a week, however there were a few that ran more often, “Mr West, from Sheepscombe, ran a cart everyday”. The carts then started to be replaced by charabancs. It started only coming a few times year, but it eventually became more frequent. It allowed more people to leave the village and for people to come to the village, “the clamorous charabanc, the solid tyred bus climbed the dusty hills and more people came and went”.

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As the charabancs came allowing more people to leave the village, the younger generations seized the opportunity to leave the confines of the small village. The village began to break up and only the older people remained, “ soon the village would, break, dissolve, and scatter, become no more than a place for pensioners”. The village where everyone knew each other and everybody hardly ever left the village had ended with the introduction of easier ways to get out and leave the confines of the village.

Just as many people left the village new people came, including a new vicar, who was more up to date. The old vicar was too stuck in the past, he believed that everyone should still get married in a church, “the first young couple to get married in a registry office were roundly denounced by the pulpit”. The vicar that succeeded him was a vicar who wasn’t stuck in the past and the old way of doing things. He was more forgiving and lenient, “a young apologist succeeded him soon”.

In conclusion, many things have changed. Engines in cars and charabancs replaced the horses, and the old strict vicars were replaced with newer and more forgiving vicars. Many other things changed these are just a few.

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