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What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics refers to the relationship between the worker and the work environment , ensuring that all equipment and work areas meet the needs of the person performing that task.

We will be looking at Workstation requirements and posture, the consequences of not following the correct procedures and Tips to create a safe, comfortable, and healthy office environment.

Workstation requirements and posture.

Operators in a workstation need to ensure that all equipment is positioned to eliminated problems that could occur.

A well designed work area will aid the work flow in the office and the efficiency of the operator can be maximised. The major risks include physical, mental and eye strain. These are associated with a poorly set-up work area, but can be avoided. To avoid these risks, it is important that you organise your work environment appropriately, use the equipment in the correct manner and take breaks while typing for a long period of time.

Duty of care in the workplace


1. In terms of occupational health and safety, what does the term “ duty of care” mean?

You and your workplace has a responsibility to make sure that yourself and others are safe.

2. What does S.A.M stand for?

Spot the hazard

Assess the risk

Make a change

3. Describe some of the examples of good design to minimise risk that you saw in this segment of the video.

· Architect should work closely with occupational health and safety officers

· Wide aisles

· Clearly marked walkways

· Extraction system to reduce toxic fumes.

· Wear suitable designed clothing

· The employer must issue you with the appropriate safety equipment

· Hearing protection and sound proofing

· Well designed equipment reduces manual handling

4. How does regular maintenance and cleaning contribute to a safe work environment? ( house keeping)

Clean as you go and reduce clutter and rubbish

In a wet working area electrical leads must be kept at a safe distance

5. How can workplace morale be enhanced by attention to health and safety issues? ( co-operation )

Working together as a team

6. Describe the way workplace consultation is depicted in this segment of the video?

Warn each other of risks and dangers

Regular meetings to discuss safety issues

Staff have a responsibility to report any concerns to management

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