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Major Roles of Slaves

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In colonial society unfree labor played some major roles not only in the south but also in the north. Northern unfree labor, called indentured servants. Indentured servants who worked for a family for their freedom. A family owner is aloud to add or subtract the number of years they must work to end their serving time in the house.

In South there were the tradition slaves. Where the slaves worked for the slave owner, then when the slave had kids they also work for the owner. The slaves in the South cold never be free unless their master set them free and even then they would always have to carry proof of freedom.

In colonial society the indentured servants and slaves would serve the family by doing chores in the house and in the fields. In the North indentured servants would do house chores like cooking, laundry, and cleaning up the house. Some were educated because they would travel over from England wanting freedom in the New World , but to earn it they would have to serve in a house for 7 years unless it was changed by their owner.

In the South slaves jobs were very different from indentured servants. Slaves usually were immigrants or prisoners of war who were forced to work in the larger plantations. They mostly worked in the cotton fields or other food producing crops. It was against the law to teach a slave to read or write because they were afraid they would try to rebel if they were educated.

In conclusion slaves and indentured servants played major roles in the development of the colonies, helping them with work they might have had trouble doing on their own. Colonial society needed slaves to do what they did not want to do and get it done faster then them by their self would have been able to. Without extra help from slaves and servants the colonies would have had even more trouble surviving.

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