Friday, March 23, 2012


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What were you doing August 11th? I was at Six Flags with my two friends, Gen, and Jon. We had fun riding the rides and laughing at Jon. Six Flags was twice as fun because I was there with my friends. I hope my birthday next year is just as good.

I ended up getting my favorite stuffed animal at the park. The three of us sat down to play a pig race. I won, and chose a Kermit doll. Later, I was playing Pump it Up Extreme, and Gen and Jon were trying to mess me up. I took Kermit and threw him on the ground, causing his eyes to fly off, and other people’s eyes to be on us. Jon then tied said Kermit to himself. Then, he jumped on the sidewalk, rolled on the ground, and pretended that Kermit was attacking him. Now we know that Kermit was built tough, due to the abuse he was put through that day.

Before we left, we had some cookie cake. It had Cookie Monster on it, because ever since I was four, I’ve decided that C is for cookie, and that’s good enough for me. We also ate half a dozen cookies for dinner. While at Six Flags, Jon got cheese filled breadsticks. He then made loud sound affects of him eating. The cheese filled breadsticks were the best.

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We had the most fun riding rides, despite the fact that Jon didn’t want to ride anything big. Gen and I rode on all the big rides together. On the rides that we all went on, Jon would yell funny stuff. We ended up forcing him onto the Dizzy Lizzie, and Cat Woman’s Whip. He said he didn’t mind going on them, and yelled excitedly about vomiting afterward. Our favorite ride was an educational ride about Jean Lafitte, during which we snickered at funny peoples names, and Jon taught us how to be obnoxious in front of large groups of people. Gen decided it would be cool to bungee jump. We didn’t, and watched from afar. We had a dandy time.

My birthday was one of the best days of my life. I don’t know anyone funnier than Jon. I still can’t believe Gen bungee jumped. I think the Jocco will never be the same. I’m really glad that that day happened. It’s a day that will live in infamy. Heck, we still quote Jon to this day!

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