Sunday, March 18, 2012

“Complete publicity makes it impossible to govern”

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“Complete publicity makes it impossible to govern” (Kierkegaard)

Kierkegaard, a Danish author and a philosopher, has claim more than a century ago that complete publicity makes it impossible to govern. Although the world has changed a lot, specially the diversity of publishing ways, and govern systems, his claims is true more than ever.

Although the issue whether complete publicity makes it impossible to govern is controversial. I believe that there are many aspects that should not be publish for the reason of protecting the general population. These reasons are mainly in important issues such as economic, public health and even in issues that simply related to the private life of the political leader. Those who will disagree with Kierkegrd would probably base their claims on the important need of freedom of speech. In this paper I will give three examples of why it’s impossible to govern under complete publicity.

The first examples is related to economic catastrophe. If, for example, the state is under a coming economic collapse. In some cases it’s would be wise for a governor not to publish all the exact details of the economic catastrophe. If the governor know, there is a way of going out of that collapse, it might be better not to tell al the details, since than people might rush to the banks and get all their money out. Such acts could cause a total collapse of the economic. For example Argentina economic in 2001.

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The second example relate to security and intelligence. I believe that every country has it’s own military and intelligence information. These data should not be completely published.

The third example related to the leader privet lives. Although the population has the rights to know who is the leader that represents them, there are many aspects, related to the private life of the governor. A leader should be focus on doing his job the best he can, invest time on trying to improve the Health services and Education system in the country, and not waist time on rammers and gossips.

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