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Deforestation is the process of the removal or damage of vegetation in a forest to the extent that it no longer supports its natural flora and fauna. Frequently caused by humans taking care of immediate needs while not being aware of the long-term effects of their actions. Deforestation is a slow-onset disaster that may contribute to other, cataclysmic disasters. It reaches catastrophic proportions after large areas of vegetation in a forest are damaged or removed. By changing an areas natural flora and fauna, it removes the lands protective and regenerative properties.

Deforestation is simply the removal of forest cover from an area. In more detail it is the process or removal of vegetation within a forest to the degree that it is no longer able to support its natural flora or fauna. It is often caused by humans taking care of immediate needs of land, oblivious to the long term effects of their actions. Deforestation is a slow-onset disaster that may contribute to other, cataclysmic disasters.

Deforestation is a major international problem with serious consequences to the Earth. These consequences have negative effects on the climate, biodiversity, the atmosphere, as well as threatening the cultural and physical survival of indigenous peoples. Effects of deforestation are too great to continue destroying the forests.

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The rapid rate of deforestation in the tropics is a key driving force in the yearly increase of flood disasters. According to a Food and Agriculture Organization and United Nations Environmental Program (FAO/UNEP) study in 1981, tropical forests are disappearing at the rate of 7.3 million hectares (18 million acres) per year

· 4. million hectares (10.4 million acres) a year in Latin America

· 1.8 million hectares (4.4 million acres) a year in Asia

· 1 million hectares (2.1 million acres) a year in Africa.

There are several causes of deforestation, the main one being the extraction of wood or logging. Wood has always been a primary forest product for human populations and industrial interests. Wood is a significant component of any forest, its elimination has instant implications on forest health. Intensive harvests can cause acute deprivation and degradation, well beyond a forest’s ability to recover. When the soil has been exposed of its nutrients, farmers move further into the forests, looking for new land. Today, the worst offender of deforestation would possibly be in the Brazilian Amazon is cattle ranching. 8% of deforestation in the Amazon is due to large scale cattle ranching. Mining for valuable resources also plays a major role in causing deforestation today.

Deforestation also has many destructive effects. It affects climate significantly, in part because the forest plays a major role in the water cycle, recycling rain back into the clouds as it receives rainfall. As a result, when the land is cleared, flooding and drought become serious problems, as rainwater travels quickly through the ground without the forest to regulate it.

The expansion of agriculture, firewood collection and unfettered timber harvesting are the primary causes of deforestation and the loss of forest.

The spread of agriculture, firewood collection, and unregulated timber harvesting are the principal immediate causes of forest losses. But behind these lurk more basic failures. Usually, uncontrolled deforestation is a symptom of a societys inability to get a grip on other fundamental development problems agricultural stagnation, grossly unequal land tenure, rising unemployment, rapid population growth, and the incapacity to regulate private enterprise to protect the public interest.

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