Monday, March 26, 2012

Purifying Water

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The purpose of this lab is to see if the student can purify a sample of contaminated water. Our objective is to clean and make the water as clear as possible.

This term for separating solid particles from a liquid by passing the mixture through a material that retains the solid particles is filtration. This is what he is trying to do.


Funnel, Filter Tube, Beaker, stand for funnel, water, oil, sand, lead, cup, rubber band, and rubber tube.

First you get the liquid from the teacher, then you set up the materials you are working with, you need to hold the filter tube at the bottom and pour the liquid through the funnel, then let that sit for at least 5-10 minutes, and then let the filter loose and have your partner hold the beaker and you pour the liquid in from the tube. Make sure there is nothing but water in the beaker.


In result, the experimenter found that when leaving the water sits over night all the elements will have either found their way to the top or bottom of the water. And when straining water through a tube or sand, you can get it to be an alone substance in itself.


My conclusion to why the chunks in the water were so easily withdrawn was because when leaving water mixed with chunks they tend to come out of the water and go to the top or bottom of the cup. When draining the water into a beaker or cup you had to take simple precautions like leaving the oil in the test tube and spilling it out, and simply letting the water drain through the sand into the beaker.

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