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A seemingly persistent problem is the controversial issue of transplanting organs. There are many reasons why so many people are against transplants. However, there are many coinciding reasons why so many people are for the idea of transplants. You need to focus on several aspects of the entire situation. Is the distribution of these donated organs being fair and ethnical? Is using animal’s organs for transplants a part of animal cruelty? Should donors be paid for their service? Is it okay to sell organs on the black market? Are famous people given “special treatment” for their fame?

One of the main problems that is frequently questioned is how does transplants put a strain on peoples ethnics. To donate an organ, is it truly always a volunteer thing, or do the donors somewhat feel pressured? I believe either way, pressured or not pressured, transplants are very necessary. Understandably I am sure that there are times when a person feels pressured into donating, but the reward of saving some ones life must be the best feeling in the world. For example, you are unsure whether or not you wanted to give your sister your kidney, how would you feel if she died because you were too stubborn to give it up. I’m sure it is a rather hard decision, you would have to undergo a surgery and there always some risks involved. But sometimes you need to be pushed in order to make a good decision. If the possible donor felt that strongly about not being able to go through with the surgery their own conscience wouldn’t allow them to go through with the operation no matter what.

Another frequent argument is if the distribution of the organs is fair and has a strict system of rules. There was some question whether or not Mickey Mantle’s operation occurred so quickly because he was a national figure. Operations and transplants go on frequently but his made front-page news. It has been clarified that Mantle’s quick receive of a donor was because he was very sick. In the process of finding a person a donor several aspects are looked at. People on the transplant lists are ranked by their level of sickness. Granted it did sound sketchy that Mickey Mantle’s were met quite quickly. But the man was very ill. Him being famous had no increase in the urgency of his transplant. To the doctors he was just another person in need of a liver transplant.

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Being a donor is a very unpopular thing these days. Meaning donated organs are very scarce. Because of the lack of organs we have turned to the use of animals. A heart was taken from a baboon to give to a dying newborn baby. Was this against the animal’s rights? Is it unjust for us to kill animals to save humans? While many animal right leaders will argue yes, I must say no. It was said that the animals used are ones registered for experiments anyway. However this does sound cruel and horribly upsetting but would you rather keep your own Mother alive or save your dogs life? As strongly as I am against the use of animals in labs for research, I would easily choose my Mother over my pet cat. It has become so bad that people have been abusing the privilege of their organs. A person sold a liver on the black market for 10,000. It has been contemplated whether or not donors should get paid. We are in such a short supply and it is ridiculous a sick dying person must shell out 10 grand in order to live. I think if we pay people who donate we could attract more volunteers and save more lives.

Transplants are a very hard and delicate surgery. It is absolutely necessary that each recipient be tended to with their specific transplanted organ. So why shouldn’t we do everything in our power in order to save these people? No matter how unethical or maybe even cruel can you really put a price on a person’s life? Yes, it is wrong to slaughter animals in order to use their organs but is it really slaughter? The animals are donated to science, why not use them to save maybe your son or daughter's life.

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