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Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins

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Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins
By Chase Owl

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Bobby Orr, not quit the biggest but he was the toughest and strongest defensive Bruin of them all. Bobby Orr also known as Robert Gordon Orr, was Born in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada on March 10, 1948. When Bobby was born his mom was told her son wasn’t going to make it, that he was going to die but Bobby did make it.

Bobby’s parents were Avra and Doug Orr. Bobby’s Grandfather, who emigrated from Ireland, Robert Orr Played professional soccer in Ireland but when Robert got older and came to Canada and his son Doug started playing hockey so did he. Doug, Bobby Orrs dad, played junior hockey and could’ve gone to the NHL (National Hockey League) but instead he went into the Navy during World War II. Because Bobby’s Grandfather and his father both played hockey and he lived in Canada he was “Born to Hockey.” Also with the very cold and snowy winters in Canada Bobby had plenty of time to work on his skills and skating for hockey.

After highschool Bobby went on to play junior hockey for the Oshawa Generals. After playing one season Bobby was being watched by the scouts for the Boston Bruins and the Bruins asked Bobby to play for them, he got a 400,000$ contract. At the time the Boston Bruins were the worst team in the league. The bruins had finished last in there last six seasons except for one they finished second to last. Even though they were the worst team in the league, Bobby’s dream of playing in the NHL was fulfilled.

As he was preparing for his first season as a Boston Bruin he was showing everyone that he could play with the big boys of the NHL. Bobby Orr was expected to follow in the footsteps of the greatest defensive player to ever play with the bruins before Bobby, Eddie Shore. Shore held all the defensive records for the Bruins. He was the Boston legend of hockey. Bobby coming from junior hockey with the Generals broke almost all the defensive records there were expected to do the same for the bruins. In Bobby’s first year with the bruins he had broken every record of Shores except one and in his second season he accomplished that record. The record was when shore was the first defensive player to get three goals in one game. When shore did it, he did it against the worst team in the league, but when Bobby did it, it was against the first place team in the league.

Within his two seasons with the Bruins he had won the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year, the Norris trophy as the league’s best defenseman , and was named to the First All-Star Team. In his rookie year the bruins went from last place to third place and in the second year they were in first place and one the Stanley Cup. He was described as the Canadian Joe Namath.

Bobby was one of the toughest guys on the ice he would get in brutal fits in games and demolish his opponents with huge body checks into the sideboards. One game his rookie year Brian Conacher of the Maple leafs hit Bobby with his elbow right in the nose and bobby had a broken nose but Bobby got right up and chased Conacher and beat the living daylights out of him. Bobby got kicked out for the game, but was on the injured list for some time after that because of his nose injury. He was discriminated against in all the papers. In the Boston Globe the headline read “Chasing Conacher Error-Hurts B’s”

Bobby Orr was the “king of injuries” he was a person who got hurt every season but the difference between others and Bobby is that Bobby would get hurt and play it out or would be back in the next period or game, he was so tough. Nobody ever knew how the Bruins did so well with Bobby getting hurt all the time.

Bobby had a three to four year slump of injuries and just not good seasons. Then after those bad years Bobby was at it again. He had gotten a visit from the famous Gordie Howe and they talked and Gordie gave Bobby the inspiration to stick with it. “ we all get through our droughts” He came back that season and had goals 7 assists with these goals he had broken the record of most goals in a season by a defenseman which was set 1 years before Bobby had broken it. At the time the bruins were in second place trailing the Boston bruins for first place in the division to the Black Hawks.

The Bruins had made it to the Stanley Cup and they were facing the hardest team in the league. Bobby had been waiting for this game for a long time. In the first period the black hawks took a two-goal lead against the bruins. In the second period Boston scored three to be in lead by one and at the end of the second Orr got into a fight and got a 10-minute penalty for fighting. The Hawks took advantage of Orr being in the penalty box in the middle of the third period hawks scored one goal. So with one minute left on Orr’s penalty the Hawks and Bruins were all tied up. Orr got back on the ice with 17 left in the third period. As time winded down the Bruins had the puck in their end with 1 seconds left to go. Orr passed to John McKenzie and he shot with four seconds to go and it rebounded of the goalie and Orr scoped up the puck and shot it in the net to win the game for the Bruins, with only one second left on the clock. He was named MVP of the game and got his name on the Stanley Cup.

The next season Orr started out strong but in a conference gam against the Red Wings was skating down the ice weaving through all the players and a defenseman for the Wings swung towards Orr and hip checked Orr right in the knees and Orr was down for the count. He was rushed of the ice on a stretcher and at the hospital he had a torn ACL and he also broke his right knee. The doctor said Orr would have little chance to play hockey again but Orr ignored all that the Doctor said and he played one last game and blew out both of his knees and the doctor said now you will never be able to play again. Orr after the Bruins season was over Bobby announced hid retirement. He was in ducted in to the Hall of fame as one of the Greats.

He was getting old his knees were shot. He had made history he had broken all of the records for the Bruins and he was a feared and respected hockey player. He is still known as one of the roughest and toughest players that have ever played.

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