Friday, April 20, 2012

Buddhism vs. Hinduism

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Throughout the world there are a variety of different religions that vary greatly. Two of the largest religions in the world are Hinduism and Buddhism. Although these two religions are commonly thought of as being very closely related, almost the same religion, that belief is very wrong. These two religions do have some aspects of their religion in common, but also have very different ways of life, and vary greatly.

One of the greatest differences between Hinduism and Buddhism is that Buddhism doesn’t worship any supreme being, or God, while Hinduism does. Some Hindus believe in as many as 10 million variations of a single god, who rules everything. Unlike almost every major religion in the world, Buddhism doesn’t have a god who is worshipped by its followers. They don’t even have a religious doctrine that they follow.

Another large difference between the two world religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, is that Hinduism has religious writings which they follow, while Buddhism doesn’t. Hinduism follows the writings of the Vedas and of the Upanishads. These two religious doctrines form the basis of the religion. Buddhism doesn’t follow any particular writing. They don’t have a religious book, as in the Bible for Christians, the Torah for Jews, and the Qur’an for the Muslims. Buddhism doesn’t even seem to be a religion.

One more difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is that Buddhism isn’t so much a religion, but rather just a way of life. Buddhists try to live a life without sin, trying to reach enlightenment. Buddhists don’t follow any authoritative scriptures, don’t praise and worship any supreme being, and don’t have any restrictions to who can become a Buddhist. Everyone is accepted in Buddhism, they don’t believe in the Caste system. Hinduism acts as a religion because it has a supreme being that Hindus worship and praise, religious scriptures, and have common beliefs.

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Another difference, although it may not be the biggest, is that Buddhism has a human who walked the earth whom they follow (Buddha), while Hinduism doesn’t. There is no special person whom Hindus follow who once walked the face of this earth. Many world religions do, like Jesus Christ for Christianity, Muhammad for Islam, and Buddha for Buddhism.

Although Buddhism and Hinduism are commonly believed to be very similar, they are very different as you now know. The two religions are two of the most populous religions in the world, and like all religions, have similarities and differences. The many differences include differences in teachings, in beliefs, origin, and in many other aspects.

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