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Creative Women's Studies

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I have lived a very hard life so far, being an overweight, homosexual female. Currently I am a senior in high school and I am eighteen years old. I discovered my true sexuality at the age of sixteen. At first I did not want to believe it, but then realized I could not live my life as a lie. It was not until last year that I decided to tell my parents and friends. Most of my friends seemed accepting of my feelings, and others were freaked out. This allowed me to see who my true friends really were. Now I do not have many friends, but I do not need people in my life who refuse to accept the real me. My parents on the other hand, did not believe me at first.

They soon realized I was serious about being a lesbian, and they took me to counseling. They ignored me for some time, having no interest in what was going on in my life. Now they talk to me but they do not at all approve of my sexuality. I could never bring home a girlfriend, or they might disown me. Now much of my life has to be kept a secret from them.

My parents recently got seperated. This was very hard for me, and I blame their seperation on myself. I do have a girlfriend that I met in school, but we could never walk down the hallways together without getting some sort of criticism or harassment. I am not only made fun of constantly for being a lesbian, but also for being fat. I have tried many diets throughout my life, but none have ever been sucessful. In physical education, I especially get laughed at for being so out of shape. I sometimes believe I eat so much because of the stress in my life. I feel good when I eat, even though I hate being fat. I do go to church when I am stressed too. I recently became a very religious Christian, hoping that it would help me out with my life. I greatly enjoy participating in youth groups. Going to church does make me appreciate life a little more.

I believe that one of the only good things about me is that I try to be very nice to everyone, although some people make it very hard for me. I also get good grades and try my best in school. I am a singer, so I will be going to college next year to start my education, and hopefully become a professional singer one day. Then, all of my classmates will see that a girl can still be successful, even if she is a little bit different from everyone else.

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