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The doctor is an intelligent, kind, generous, and wealthy man. He is a short man with a medium build. His deep brown eyes always have a twinkle in them. He has short clean-cut brown hair around the sides of his oblong head and a shiny bald top, like a crystal ball. His small delicate hands are used each day for his delicate work. He dresses like the perfect gentleman, wearing crisp black suits to his practice each day.

He spreads his intelligence to all of his patients, diagnosing all sorts of illnesses, such as the flu, pneumonia, and hepatitis. Each Saturday afternoon he donates time and expertise in treating poor people at an inner-city clinic. He zooms around town in his shiny red sports car, and everyone turns their head and watches with envy.

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He patiently listens as patients explain their particular problem. He then analyzes the information and writes a prescription to heal the ailment. Free samples are given to help out under-privileged patients who can’t afford the expensive drugs.

It is his son’s seventh birthday so he buys him a brand new wooden swing set. It has all the features, a long, quick slide, two high flying swings, and a pole to slide down. Sam, his son, enjoys sliding down the pole, aspiring to be a fireman. Sam thanks his father, and the doctor says, “I love you Sam. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday, may you have many more ahead of you.”

The doctor closes his week with a quiet relaxing day with his family on Sunday. The whole family made their way to church and later went out for a nice filling dinner. The waitress loves when the doctor and his family come to the fancy Italian restaurant because he always leaves a generous tip.

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