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Education is basically the knowledge developed by learning. It is the most important tool for human advancement; the right execution of such tool assures the quality of life within a society. The significant purpose of education is providing general background knowledge in various fields making us well prepared and well equipped to face the real life and effectively participate in building up the standards and the statuses of our societies, in other words, education works as the foundation upon which the society is built and functioned.

Education starts and never stops, no matter how old we become.

In childhood, prior to the formal education stage, parents enforce rules and morals in their children sitting the foundation of education that helps children to healthily interact and function in their new society, the school. In schools, children start to realize that they have to behave properly and to be on their own and the only way to be so is by learning. Going on with school education students start to build up their knowledge and perception towards their community and start discovering themselves knowing their strengths and weaknesses. At the college stages, through higher level of education enlightening students’ minds and widening them, they start to form their own personalities deciding what to become and how to be a productive member in the society.

Now it’s time to face the real life and build up one’s own. Having been well educated one should be successfully able to do so and help improving the community of his and further more participate in bringing the quality of life to the small village we live in today; the world.

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Should education stop at this point? There are several channels for education; there is the post-graduate education that enhances the knowledge of the individual in a specific field or fields. There is career education that provides programs in varied vocational and technical fields for individual to upgrade his or her skills for career advancement. And there is a nonstop and easy way of getting more educated and knowledgeable, that is reading and reading.

Education could be achieved by several techniques, among which could be schooling, teaching, training, tuition, coaching, directing, and others.

Education result in an open minded citizen with good foundation and fair general knowledge in various aspects, a citizen that can receive and deliver information, a citizen that can differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, that can communicate properly and can express himself, his opinion, and his beliefs in way that makes others listen and respond, which at the end would for the benefit of the whole society especially when that society is in need for such minds.

Well educated people usually have a greater opportunity to hold superior jobs and have more chances for career advancement. In the wealthy countries, well educated people normally make better earnings than the half educated and way better than the uneducated ones, in other words, education and training are proven strategies for raising incomes.

It is the duty of all governments to make education and quality education available and handy for all, rich and poor, city and countryside, and should assign all resources to achieve the goal of zero illiterate population, simply for the survival of humankind and for the progress of civilization.

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