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Grocery Bags

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The Grocery Bag

As she walked past a shop window, she noticed a tall dark figure reflected behind her. She wivelled round, and as she did so the contents of the paper bag disgorged out onto the pavement.

'Oh, no', She cried, bending down to gather up the groceries.

'Let me', Said the dark figure, bending down beside her. Startled, she fell back onto the ground. As she got up the heel of her shoe snapped and she fell to the ground again.

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'This is not my day', She groaned, glad that it was dark as she was blushing deeply.

'Here', Said the dark figure, offering her his hand and helping her up.

'Thanks', She said, shaking his hand, 'Manon Peir'.

'Duncan Webb', He replied, observing her perfectly manicured fingers.

'How far have you got to go?' He asked collecting all the groceries together, 'I Could give you a lift if you like?'

'Thank you ever so much, that would be wonderful', She replied.

Duncan helped Manon over to the Sky-Blue Z. His arm around her waist, supporting her. He opened the passenger door for her, and she got in awkwardly, as her ankle was hurting from the fall. He then slid into the leather seat on the drivers side and started up the engine.

As they rolled up the gravel drive outside Manons flat, Duncan turned to face her.

'You've got the most beautiful eyes', He said, still glaring at her.

'Thank you for the lift home', She said picking up her groceries and opening the door, ignoring his remark. 'I'd better get back to the flat, my flatmate will be wondering where I am'. And she got out of the car.

She started to walk towards the flat but his voice made her stop again.

'Your flatmate isn't there, she's gone away', He growled into the darkness after her.

'How do you know that?' She panicked, swivelling round.

He was gone. There was nothing to show that Duncan or the car had been there in the first place. Just inky blackness smothering her like a big, black blanket.


Walking to work the next morning, the incident of last night came flooding back to Manon. What had happened? Where had Duncan gone?

'OWWW!!!' She cried, bumping into someone and stumbling backwards, 'Oh, it's you'.

'What happened to you last night?' Asked Duncan.

'What do you mean, what happened to me?' She replied, looking puzzled.

'When I tried to help you out of the car, you ran off screaming!'

'I got out of the car and you said something so I turned around to look at you and you were gone!' She said, looking at him as though he was crazy.

'Are you alright, were you drinking last night?' He asked her.

'No, I wasnt drinking, why do you think that?' She replied starting to get very frustrated now.

'Well, you didn,t seem all there, you were a bit out of it and you cant remember what happened!' He said, worryedly.

'I just told you what happened last night. How can you accuse me of being insane, I can not handle this at 7 o'clock in the morning!' And with that she stormed off.

Obviously he was the one that was insane, she thought, almost knocking into someone else in her fury.


'Are you going to be staying late tonight, Miss Peir?' Questioned the cleaner, her head of curls poking around the wooden door.

'Yes, lots of work to get done for the weekend, Rose.' She replied.

'Alright then, I'll leave the keys with you,' Said the elderly woman, putting the keys on Manons deskand closing the door behind her.

Manon heard the swoosh of the big glass doors as they closed behind Rose and knew she was alone. Ten minutes had passed since Rose had left and Manon was clicking away on her keyboard.


'What was that? She was sure that she had heard the big glass doors again.

'Rose', She called, 'Rose, is that you?'

She got up to look out of the window. Rose's car was gone, there was only one car left in the car park. She didn't reconise it as anyone in the offices. It was a Sky-Blue Z. Then it clicked. It was Duncans car. What was he doing here? Was he here to see her? How did he know where she worked?

She heard footsteps along the corridor and heavy breathing. She got up and grabbed the lead poker for the fire. She waited for the door to open and reveal if it was Duncan. She waited for what seemed like ages, but the door didn't open.

Suddenly, there was a tap at the window. She swivelled around to find Duncan perched on the windowsill. He swung his fist and it hit the window. Shards of glass flew across the room and one embedded itself in her chest. Duncan leapt into the room and grabbed hold of her.

'AAAHHHHH......!!!' She screamed trailing off as a wave of pain swept over her body parylizing her.

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