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People look up to the famous philosophers like Confucius, Boyle and Aristotle. Yet, unaware that they, themselves are philosophers! I believe these famous philosophers gained wisdom through constant reflection. They have procured intellect and understanding because they have practiced reflecting on themselves, knew themselves whole heartedly until they have widen their understanding to others. Philosophical reflection is a type of reflection based on philosophy. Philosophy is defined as love, study or pursuit of wisdom, truth, or knowledge. Philosophical reflection, therefore, is the thinking with the heart geared towards the pursuit of wisdom. In doing so, one’s outlook in life will gain prudence. The process of reflection is more complex than mere thinking, there’s a difference between reflecting and thinking. He or she has to stand above the rational mind to think over the rational mind. In order to analyze the mind, one must necessarily transcend the boundary of the mind, otherwise, it is not possible to say something meaningful about the reflected matter. Reflection, however, always presupposes a standpoint outside of the reflected matter. There is what we call inductive and deductive reflections. Inductive is a reflection wherein one starts from a personal experience to a general matter and deductive reflection, which I consider better, begins from a concept and continues on to a very personal level. Philosophical reflection is done by first freeing his or her mind from any other concerns. Concentration is needed. Then, he or she points out a certain issue and recall past experiences. Carefully examine what events led to another and he or she must not forget to ask the questions 'why?' and 'how?', he or she then must make some realization why such things happen. After some discernment, a solution is attained. Lastly, that solution is not intended to be kept as a thought, it should be made into action. Philosophical reflection is reflecting on a matter, understanding and resolving it at the same time, acquiring knowledge from it.

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