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Religious Essays

1) Buddhism is a dominant religion in Asia. Although Buddhism is the name for the entire religion, there are no distinctive sects within Buddhism. The individual sects consist of one or more unique religious belief. There are three major sects in the Buddhist culture. They are Theravada, Mahayana, and Mantrayana. The Buddha is said to have “set in motion the wheel of the dharma”.

2) Christianity is the largest religion in the world. It is monotheistic, which means Christians believe in one God, also known as Jesus Christ. The Christian religion can be divided into three major groups; Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox. Christians believe that in order to be saved and spend eternal life with God, they must abide by God’s teachings and follow the sacred book called the Bible. The cross is the symbol that Christians use to represent Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and salvation.

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3) Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion. It is also the major religion of India, it also has many followers in Indonesia, Africa, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere. Hindus worship numerous gods and have many various beliefs. Most of their gods represent Brahman who is the most celestial spirit in the Hindu religion. Hindus spend many hours worshiping their Gods, therefore they achieve their goal and reach eternal happiness. As said before, they spend a lot of their religious lives praying.

4) Islam is the religion that is based primarily on Muhammad, a respected prophet. Islamic people are often called Muslims. They come mostly from southwest Asia and Africa. Islam’s, like Christians, worship only one god or Supreme Being. They call their god Allah. Muslims believe a combination of Christian beliefs and Judaism. The Muslim people show their dedication to religion by performing life long acts of worship, more commonly known as the Five Pillars of Islam. This act includes faith, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and almsgiving. Islam is very effectual to almost every aspect of a Muslim’s life.

5) Judaism is the religion of about 1 million people across the world. These people are known as Jews. Judaism was the first major religion to be monotheistic. The first five books of the Old Testament in the Bible are called the Torah. Judaism is based solely on the Torah. Judaism, like Christianity states that a person serves God by studying the Torah (or Bible for Christians) and living by God’s structure. The Star of David, is a world-wide known symbol for Judaism.

6) Confucianism is not a religion. The people that abide by this specific aspect do not worship any gods and do not abide by a Supreme Beings laws or structures. However it is based on the teachings of the Chinese scholar Confucius. Its main purpose is to follow social and civic responsibilities. It has recently begun to have an impact on peoples lives and teaches them to follow ethical systems rather than religion. The yin-yang represents opposite forces working together.

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