Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Scarlet Letter

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I just finished reading 'The Scarlet Letter' by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I was assigned this book to read back in high school but didn’t have enough time to get to it. A lot of other students had read it and said it was a very good book so that’s why I chose to read it for this literature review.

The story opens with the main character Hester being led to some scaffolding wearing a highly decorated “A” on her chest. She is then led back to the jail for a while before being let go into solitude. While in the jail her husband visits her and discovers the “A” stands for adultery and he vows that he will find the other man by reading it upon his chest. Her husband, Roger, finds the other man, Arthur, and spends every moment tormenting him. Arthur, overcome with guilt for Hester, goes out one night and stands on the same scaffolding that Hester did and confesses his crime to the night. Roger and Hester meet in the woods one night and Hester tells Arthur who the real father of their daughter is. He is very upset and tells her he understands. He suggests that they get a ship and leave the town forever one night. Hester tries to board the boat the next day but can’t find Arthur. While Roger is giving an election speech in town, Arthur shows up and yells to him that he can’t win. Humiliated and tired of running, he finds Hester and their daughter and stands on the scaffolding in front of the people with them. He confesses his part of the crime to the people and rips open his shirt to show a scared “A” on his chest. He dies on the scaffold moments later. Hester takes her daughter and they leave town only coming back years later to visit.

This novel is packed with innuendos and symbolism that has to be read more than once to be seen. From the beginning the author establishes Hester by describing the needle work that went into her letter “A”. It shows her defiance and strength to make it through anything. There was also a rosebush that is mentioned throughout the novel symbolizing different things. At first it shows it blossomed representing Hester “love-crime” in full bloom. Later it is noticed by the daughter as a reminder to Hester that this will stay with her forever. Another strong section is where Arthur was standing on the scaffolding at night confesses his crime and a meteor flies through the sky. This meteor serves several points it lights up the area so Hester and her daughter could see him, so Roger can also get a glimpse of him in the light, and it streaks the letter “A” across the sky showing the divine intervention in it all. The part at the beginning when Roger tells Hester that he will find the other man by reading it on his chest is the longest foreshadow in the book. It means nothing till all the way at the end when Arthur rips of his shirt to display his self-engraved “A” that has been hiding his shame since the crime. This story is so packed full of hidden meanings that it’s impossible to list them all. All I can say is you must read this book to enjoy it fully. It’s a great book to look deeper at.

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