Saturday, April 7, 2012

Own Theory

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In just about every freewrite we had about the media, I basically bashed on them for being the ones to cause a majority of problems across the globe. I say this because they are just so stuck on a certain thing (God only knows what), and they either run their mouths too much and start conflicts between two people, whether it be one-on-one, or a group against another group, or even a country against another country. Look at the situation of the war. I’m not saying that the media is getting us screwed over in the war, but every time we move Bush somewhere safe, or when the army get something set up, the media finds out, and finds it necessary to expose it to the world, on the television. As well as when it come to magazines, television, or catalogs, they feel the need, when advertising a product to use some of the most beautiful people. This not only advertises their product, but it destroys self-esteem.

Staying on the topic of advertisement and how it can crush one’s self-esteem. You can’t help it, but when flipping through a magazine, you’re going to come upon an ad for say, a body building stimulate, and to think to yourself, “Good Lord that would be sweet to be built like that…” or even, “What a fruit. Does he actually enjoy not being able to scratch his own back?” I mean seriously, if you’re not a professional weight lifter, WHY BOTHER?! Not to try and flatter anyone or sound conceited, but my body, the way it is now, is more appealing to basically % of my gal friends than the guys you see on the cover of a weight lifting magazine, so I think I’ll keep mine the way it is now, with the “Brandon Boydish look” (Audra Bogolo). Also in many of the weight lifting magazines, they have all these special kinds of workouts to get to a certain look. In the weight room. Like I said, “I don’t deem it necessary to have veins popping out of my forehead and fingers, and have my clothes screaming in fear of tearing because they don’t fit like they should”. I think I’ll stick to my workout which simply consists of push-up’s, sit-up’s, and pull-up’s.

Another thing media has a part in, in a sense, is the flack that Abercrombie and Fitch gets from other people. I know that they are a clothing store, and that the nude people in their catalogs are not promoting clothing, but the LACK THERE OF. But if it’s causing so much controversy, why let them release it? Or at least why let them have open to public without subscribing for it. If the media wouldn’t allow it, let alone basically promote it, then there wouldn’t be as many problems. Not only the pictures in their catalogs, people are always whining and complaining about the prices. In my own opinion as well, the prices for clothing at Abercrombie are rather high. Around $50+ for a pair of pants! But quite frankly, the quality of the clothing there is actually very good. Some of the pants have holes in them before buying them, which I know, I can just go to Wal-Mart and buy a pair of pants and put holes in them myself. But I’d give those pants about a month or two, and that hole is going to be big enough to fit two legs in.

With all that being said, the media can either “Make or Break” a company, or in some form, cause some damage to either people, companies, the economy, or the world. We need the media, but at the same time, the media needs to give it a rest rather than rub their noses in business they don’t need to be in, or aren’t invited to be involved with. Yes it’s their job, but only to get stories and advertise, but not slander and hurt.

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