Friday, April 20, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird

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Jeremy Atticus Finch

Even though Jem was only thirteen when he broke his arm that hasn’t bothered him as much as most things have now during his life. Things like Boo Radley and all the suspicions has him wondering. Racism also has Jem upset and makes him have a lot of opinions. Last thing is human behavior and that ties in with his maturity that he just goes through and thinks about. Throughout this book its obvious to see these things.

Jem has always wondered about Boo Radley. Even though it had all children in Maycomb wonder about him, Jem always had a feeling about how Boo really was. Jem was into Boo Radley so much he even went up to the house and touched it with his hand to show that he wasn’t afraid of him. Jem did this for a reason. Not only was it to just show off that he wasn’t scared of Boo, but Jem was dared to, Jem could never turn down a dare. This is showing how brave Jem was and that he wasn’t a dork. Another thing about his fascination with Boo is that when he saw all the things in the Radly tree he was amazed. Jem thought of it as someone just left them there for no one else to find. He showed a little maturity there. He let it go until a little while later and he figured it was there for them. Jem was very courteous about this. The last thing Jem does about Boo is saying how he should write him a letter, telling him thank you for the gifts in the tree. This shows how Jem really does care about other peoples feelings. It also shows how Jem is trying to be nice to Boo to be friendly, Jem was definitely the perfect person to make friends with. He was generous and trustworthy. Not only does Jem think about Boo, his real interests is in racism.

Racism was always a factor to Jem. He always didn’t under stand it, didn’t think it had a real purpose. As in the Tom Robinson trial Jem thought they were going to win the case, and Tom would be free. This shows that Jem really does know what he’s talking about.It makes him look as if one day he could be an attorney like his father because he thinks everything out clearly. Another thing is when tom Robinson was convicted guilty, Jem did not take it very well. He was furious. This shows that Jem has been brought up differently than all the other children in Maycomb. He doesn’t think of a skin color as a factor. He thinks things as he sees them. Jem knows when something is right and when something is not right at all. This makes Jem very grown-up like. The last thing that Jem does is that he doesn’t say racist comments and doesn’t mind going to a black church. Jem sees it as regular people. He doesn’t say anything bad about anyone and has a good clear mind. He is very polite and wouldn’t insult anyone who didn’t deserve it. Not only is Jem interested in racism, he has a fascination with human nature and you see how he matures.

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Jem has always been putting thought into everything and human nature is something he definitely thinks about. When Jem witnessed the Tom Robinson trial he realized how people can change. This makes Jem look very good. It shows that Jem can think on his own and find the main points in which people change. And not just realize when they change but the reason for the change in someone. He also thought of human nature when he went to the black’s church. Seeing all the people looking at him and wondering why he was there. Jem knew they knew who he was and what he stood for. Jem was always very good at expressing himself and showing people what he believes in. The last thing that shows he knows human nature is that when he sees how people think of black and see how the whites are it makes him think. How the blacks are lower class and the whites are upper class. This is good for Jem because it may make things better in the future one kid at the time. Jems logic is that everyone is just a regular person an should be equal. But most people at that time were much more different and didn’t think as well as Jem did.

To end with, Jem is most definitely a class act. He has personality and humor. A lot goes with that in a person. Jem thinks about a lot of things, Boo Radley, racism, and human nature. That’s a lot to think about for a child. He has gone through a lot in his life and much more to come.

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