Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unforgettable Grandma

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My Unforgettable Grandma

Everyone might have a great grandma like me and she is the person that I will never forget her. She was born in 1920, a town called Falam, the Southern part of Burma. She is working as a nurse at Falam Hospital and everyone is happy that they can have a nurse like her in their town. She retired from her job by the age of 75. She told me that she is really happy to work with those who really need help and never complain about her job. She is very generous and kindness person. She is very popular among the people in her village.

She is married at the age of 25 and had two kids. One is my mum and the other is my uncle Richard who was alcoholic. She raised them very well. She spent a lot of money to their education needs, even though she have to struggle for living expense, she never complaint about her work. My grandma tried her best to help him out from his struggle with alcohol. He is really smart to study but alcohol spoils his life. He passed away his year of medicine school and left his family behind. She felt so sorry for him but she can’t do much more. She is always concern about her kids at their young age. Even she has a lot of thing to do in her job, she never dismiss to do to take care of her child.

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I was living with her since I was a child. She was raised by her parent with old traditional style. So, she raised me under her old traditional style. She is my grandma but she is like my mom. I feel so warmly with her and I want to stay with her always. Some times we discuss about life and she gave me advice. She is like my best friend also. She doesn’t want me to waste my time doing such as cleaning house or washing clothes. She rather goes and washes our clothes to the little river that flows from the northern part of the town, since we can’t have a washing machine. I can’t imagine that how she manages her time for her job and the care and the eternity love for me.

It was wet and cold night; I got a high fever so she took me to the hospital where she is working at. The whole time she was watching me that I am ok or not. I was a child at that time but I still can remember how much she loved me. . I shared everything about my feeling and she used to correct me with some example. She always encourages me to study well and saying that we are lucky to have a grandma like her. But that time I don’t know the appreciation of her kind of love to me. I will never have a grandma like her in my life. I was so proud of her life. She is really a amazing person and I will never forget my grandma.

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