Monday, April 9, 2012

What makes a championship sports player

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A champion sports player must be very fit and extremely skilled in there sport. They must have trained very hard and frequently from a young age to there present age. They would have to be fit and to achieve this they would have to train hard and often and also watch there diet to make sure they consume things that will keep them healthy. If there fitness levels are high then they have a higher chance of becoming a champion. Also they will have to have a certain natural level of either skill or fitness that they were born with, these are found in your genetics.

A true champion has a certain psychological level as well, they must believe in themselves and have one hundred percent believe that they can win and become champions. This psychological edge is extremely helpful as it pumps you up and boosts your self-belief and confidence in your own sporting abilities. If you go into a sporting event convinced you will not succeed or will lose then you may as well not compete, because without confidence then you are all ready at a major disadvantage. All true sports champions believe in there own abilities, they convince themselves that they will win or succeed and with that mental edge then they all ready have a major advantage over the opposition and are half way to succeeding.

Coaches and trainers are a must for every champion, you develop your skills and improve dramatically thanks to the constant training you receive from coaches and trainers. They have knowledge and insight into the game in areas you may not and they encourage you, work you to your limits and all round help develop you as a sports player. All champions from Lance Armstrong the cyclist to Roberto Baggio the legendary football player have received a lot of coaching and advice at some level, without this coaching its impossible (well extremely difficult) to be a champion.

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Another thing champion’s need is a form of sponsorship in some way. Sponsorship pays or can pay for sporting equipment that will be needed either to compete or train with or maybe even both, it can also pay for travel costs as you need to travel from place to place to be able to compete in competitions.

A true champion was and is still Lance Armstrong, he believes in himself, he receives sponsorship, he has a lot of coaching and training from his coaches and trainers and he trains extremely hard to ensure that he is a champion and that he wins race after race time and time again. This is 20% of the ingredients needed to become a champion the other 10% lays in your genetics, you have to have something extra when you are born and in Lances case he has it and has used it to its full potential.

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