Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Makes a Great Classroom

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What Makes a Great Classroom

An ideal classroom is the result of many contributing factors; including the quality of the room, the school, and last but not least, the students home environment.

The condition of the classroom can mean a great deal. A classroom should be quiet and clean, thus creating a better working environment. Another aspect of the room is the quantity of supplies. It should have an abundant store of books and copies, guaranteeing that every student gets his or her own chance to learn and excel.

Another important factor that makes a major impact on the class’s quality is the school’s condition. A good school should give students many opportunities to take advanced courses. A school should also have small class sizes. These small classes would better enable teachers to evaluate the needs and knowledge of the students. An accelerated class pace would also serve as an additional plus in the school’s favor.

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One of the most important things in any classroom is the teacher. The teacher should always refrain from becoming boring, since a boring classroom would only result in the students losing interest in the class. Another important point about the teacher is that a teacher should be familiar with the subject and about related topics. A teacher should also be well organized, since a well-organized class will result in a more efficient usage of time. Finally, a teacher should be fair and non-biased which would provide that every student is treated equally.

The most important factor in a classroom is the students. Because when they are faced with work, students make an active choice whether or no to do the work. Students should always try to be attentive and work hard. They should also work to participate in class discussions. Another important aspect is the student’s home environment. If the parents support the child’s intellectual work, then the child will be much more willing to work hard.

In conclusion, the ideal classroom is the culmination of many different factors. While each and every one of the factors I have mentioned are important, one will not create the perfect classroom overnight. They all have to be functioning together to create a truly great classroom.

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