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Abortions are a controversial issue, in the political world as well as the general public. It is a subject that touches many kinds of people, teenagers (both male and female), adoption agencies, couples of all ages, and also the medics who perform the operation. One third of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion. Can abortion truly be seen as killing an innocent child? One case in which abortions are needed is in teenage pregnancies.

Controversy of Abortions
The topic of abortion is one of the most controversial and sensitive for the society and myself. The debates and confrontations between two opposite groups of opinion are long and sometimes even brutal. Both sides have strong supporting arguments pro-lifers base on moral principals, which is life before birth, while pro-choicers defend political and social rights, such as right to privacy and right of choice. Neither side can be absolutely right or wrong.

Running Title
Abortion and Nursing
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Section 1
There are different and conflicting beliefs about the issue of abortion. The decision to end the pregnancy and have an abortion and. or to bring a fetus to term has got personal, religious, moral, ethical and political implications. When a woman finds herself pregnant, what it the best solution for her and the potential newborn.

Abortion is a term, which means an unborn baby, or fetus may be destroyed while it is still in the womb. Abortion became such a subject, which was most debated in USA and Europe for many years. One of the groups was against abortion and was called ‘Pro-lifer and the other group said that it should be the choice of the pregnant girl or woman to decide whether she wants the baby or not. This group was called pro-choice. “Is abortion the taking of a human life?

For many people, the central issue in the abortion debate focuses on one question Is abortion the taking of a human life? In this paper I will be discussing the secular and Christian perspective of this issue as well as my own. There are two sides of the abortion issue. One side calls itself pro-choice . They believe it is a woman s hu8man right to decide when and whether to have a child. The other side calls itself pro-life or right to life . They believe that a fetus s right to live comes

Ultimately, it’s important for a woman to have an informed choice about her life and the life of her unborn child. I believe it’s a woman’s right to choose because a child who will not be provided with a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be brought into the world.

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