Friday, May 4, 2012

A Day to Remember

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A Day to Remember

I awoke the morning of September eleventh like any other day. Comfortably lying in my bed, warm and snug. I was dreaming and at total peace, oblivious to the world around me. Suddenly, I sprang up to the blaring sound of my pulsating alarm clock. The sun was up and shining into my bedroom window. I got up, looked around, and observed the horizon with a disgruntled look on my face; admiring its beauty. I did not know it that chilly morning, but September eleventh would change my life forever. It changed my perception about fear, my awareness about world issues, and my view on the preciousness of life.

As I was getting ready for school, I felt a fearful of the new year ahead of me. I felt disinclined to go to school that day, knowing that I had a plenty of difficult classes to take. I reluctantly trudged to my first class in the brisk fall air. Within seconds of taking my seat, someone asked me if I had heard about the plane that crash accident in New York. Five minutes later my teacher began informing the class about what was really going on, she turned on the television. As I was watching the second plane crash into the World Trade Center, I knew it was no accident. I was so shocked that I forgot all about being tired, and glued my eyes to the television with full intensity. I immediately began to fear the worst; I imagined planes falling out of the sky everywhere all across America. I feared that maybe our city would be targeted next. But most of all, I feared the beginning of a new world war. My fears were confirmed when I heard reports of other planes falling out of the sky. I felt the immediate and utter doom of our nation, and every thing I believed in. Contrasted to my fears about test taking, public speaking, and difficult classes the September eleventh catastrophe dwarfed them all. Before the event I had never been put in a situation where I felt my life was in danger. On September eleventh, I felt true fear for the first time. It changed me because many of things that previously induced fear in me did not seem as frightening as they did before.

The events of that day got me pondering about world issues. After my last class, I gathered my things and started heading home. Along the way I felt anger at the people behind the attack, sorrow for the people who lost loved ones, and confusion. I was thinking why a group of religious people would inflect death upon unsuspecting and hardworking citizens. It occurred to me that there is civil unrest in the world, and in many cases the leading superpower of the world has done nothing to help it, if not fuel it in some way. The attack wasn’t on our missile defense or army encampments, it was a highly symbolic assault on our way of life. The people behind the attack, and those they represent, want freedom, equality, and a standard of living that we as United States citizens might call below average. Living in war impoverished and oppressive nations has had an abrasive effect on these people. They acted in the only way they have been accustomed to, violence. Every day someone is killed by terrorist bombings and violence in the Middle East. Although I do not condone their actions, I do believe that they have reason for acting. Much like many Americans until September eleventh, I did not have to worry about being under a constant threat of bombing and violence. Unfortunately, that is a harsh reality for many innocent people across the world. As a result, I have made an effort in understanding both views in any situation. September eleventh changed me such that I am more aware about pressing and controversial world issues.

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After a few days of thinking about what happened, I had a new found perspective on the preciousness of life. I wake up in the mornings to feel fortunate to be in America and have all the opportunities that are open to me. Seeing life so easily snatched away from someone made me appreciate the life that I have. All the things I hated to do, such as going to school, cleaning the dishes, and doing my laundry don’t seem as unpleasant as I used to think they were. The experience made me feel that not one moment in life should be wasted. Instead of sitting around watching television or playing video games in my free time, I go for walks, enjoy the sunset, or simply appreciate nature. In actuality, the events that occurred on September eleventh has made me enjoy my life more than before.

In conclusion, September eleventh is day that will live in the hearts of many Americans. It has changed the life of many people in different ways. I will always remember September eleventh for how it affected my life. In the end, September eleventh has made me stronger in dealing with my fears, more culturally and internationally aware, and an appreciative enthusiast of life. The acts of that day will go down in the history books for centuries to come, and I am happy to say I was alive when it happened.

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