Friday, May 4, 2012

Comparative Essay 'Hamlet' And 'Eaters Of The Dead'

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William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is written with an Elizabethan style of writing. This piece of work dates back over 400 years and is not a novel but a play. Hamlet was based on an old story that Shakespeare adapted for his audience. The language that he uses is very complex and difficult to understand what we are use to compare. As most people could not read during this time period plays were used as a form of entertainment and to provoke thought in his audience. The audience would be anyone from the high class, who would sit in special seats to the lower class, who would cram as many people into the theatre as possible. The audience would have very high expectations and if a play was not up to par, the audience would let the actors and author know through there heckling and the throwing of fruits and vegetables.

Michael Crichton’s “Eaters of the Dead” was written about 40 years ago. This novel is written in a modern day English, which makes it very easy to understand. Similar to “Hamlet”, “Eaters of the Dead” is not an original but was derived from the Ibn Fadlan Manuscript, which is a document describing the actions and major events of the Vikings lifestyle and there society. This novel has a couple of purposes, firstly to entertain and secondly as a form of education. This novel goes into great detail about the life of the Vikings and their customs. This novel is aimed towards anyone that has an interest to read. In to days society people read for entertainment and to pass the time. This novel would be suited for anyone who is looking for a horror with a little bit of history in it. Our expectations are much different from that of the Elizabethan time period. If a novel is not up to par then it is not published and we usually don’t get to see it. The audience for this book would expect that the author keeps them interested and eager to continue on with the novel.
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