Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crystal Structures and Metallography

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Crystal Structures and Metallography

The Abstract

In the magnifacation portion of the lab, the diameter of an average human hair was determined using a metallurgical microscope. The diameter of an average human hair was determined to be 80 micrometers.

In the crystallography portion of the lab we constructed BCC and FCC unit cells out of clay spheres to examine the spatial relationship of the atoms. In the BCC unit cell, the atom at the center of the unit cell is touched by all eight corner atoms through the body diagonal. As the radius of the center atom increases, the size of the unit cell increases. In the FCC unit cell, the atoms touch on all six sides. As the atoms on each face increase, the size of the unit cell would increase at a faster rate than the BCC.

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The objective of this lab is to become familiar with using a metallurgical microscope- a tool used by engineers to view the dimensions of opaque materials. Also, an equation in metallography will be studied to determine the distance on surface of sample, along with determining magnification.
In the crystallography portion, crystal structures will be examined to understand how microscopic qualities affect macroscopic properties.


For the magnification portion of the lab, we used a metallurgical microscope with an objective magnification of 5X and an eyepiece magnification of 10X. The reticle disk used has a line with 100 graduations spaced 0.1mm apart. To get the actual distance on surface of sample, we used the formula d = (0.1mm)(Me) .
For the crystallography portion of the lab, we used clay spheres to construct BCC and FCC unit cells. The layers of the unit cell were constructed by following the procedure outlined in the lab manual.

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