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Outsiders and Insiders

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In most cases, Outsiders can be more interesting than those who are considered Insiders. Outsiders are different in many ways to other people and are much more interesting compared to those in the mainstream of society. They have different views and opinions to offer and can expand our knowledge and experiences. Some Outsiders may pride themselves on their differences to society. Unfortunately, them being Outsiders may cost them greatly in heartache and pain. Also an Outsider’s behaviour and actions can be much more interesting and individualistic than those whom claim to ‘fit in’.

Billy in ‘Eddie’s Bastard’ has some very interesting views about some of the things he has done, seen and experienced. After staying with the Shumachers, Billy comes to the conclusion “that there are two kind of people in the world the Trevor types and the Shumacher types, the bad and the good, the scary and the safe.” This is so simple yet so profound. If Billy had been an Insider he never would have experienced life at the Shumachers, and would never have come to this conclusion.

Billy also loves Annie so much that he, unlike the rest of Mannville, doesn’t care that she is a Simpson. “ ‘I don’t care if youre crazy or not,’ I [Billy] said. ‘I love you. I mean it…’ ” “I didn’t care if she was innocent and pure, those words meant nothing to me anyway. She was just Annie. I wanted people to see us together. I was proud of her.” Billy looks past everything outward and physical and sees the real person inside. This from an Outsider.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was outside of his American culture, and his views and opinions shown in his famous speech have led to many people following the cause of black American rights. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of the character.” His famous speech has enhanced our knowledge and helps us to realise our foolishness.

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Outsiders may not come across as the happiest or liveliest people, but some Outsiders pride themselves on their Outsider qualities, and may actually want to be Outsiders, and could quite possibly even enjoy it.

“Since my battle with David Weismuller I had no enemies, and in fact…I’d earned a grudging respect…” Although he could have been friends with anyone he wanted, he chose not to. He enjoyed being different. He enjoyed being alone. He enjoyed being an Outsider. He didn’t want to fit in with the crowd. Similarly, the character in the cartoon ‘The Plodder’ by Leunig doesn’t seem to mind that he will be “left behind” or will “miss out” and he wont be “influential”, “attractive” or “clever.” He wants to just live life at his own set pace, instead of trying to keep up with the constant rush, rush, rush of the mainstream society.

The Bible is yet another source that encourages it’s reader "Christians" to be different to the world, because they are of God not of the world. “Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and strangers in the world to abstain from sinful desires which war against your soul.”

There are times when being an Outsider may not be such an enjoyable experience. Outsiders may suffer greatly for being who they are. Annie is an outsider in two respects, both at school and at home. She is excluded because she is a girl and she is also smart, something girls weren’t meant to be at that time in history. “Plus she was a girl. That worked against her in the classroom…Some of the other girls hated her for her brains.” She is also an Outsider at school because she is a Simpson. “No Simpson had ever made it through high school without getting arrested at least once, and none of them ever went to college.” In much the same way, she suffers at home, because she is smart and a girl. Mr Simpson “believed girls were worthless” and that he told Annie “a thousand times how disappointed he was when I [Annie] was born.” Mr Simpson takes advantage of Annie on millions of occasions. He injures her physically and sexually, and Annie is permanently scarred because of it. “I don’t think I could ever physically love a man, ever. The idea of it repulses me.” Annie had to suffer greatly emotionally, physically and mentally for who and what she was.

In the movie ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ Arnie is an Outsider because of his disability and his brother, Gilbert, who has to constantly look out for and care for Arnie, cant lead a normal life because of his responsibility to Arnie. Also his mother, who never leaves the house, and consequently gets very obese, also needs constant care and attention. Gilbert suffers in his loss of a social life. After Arnie climbs the water tower, in the beginning of the film, he is ridiculed and hit for being who he is. Gilbert then has to defend him and is then seen as an outsider for defending one.

In ‘All Summer In A Day’ by Ray Bradbury, Margot is an outsider because she, unlike the rest of the children, remembers the sun, what it looked and felt like. They are secretly jealous of this. She wouldn’t play games with them or sing with them. There was also word she was moving back to Earth from the home on Venus soon. All these reasons combine to make her an Outsider and she suffers for it. The group of kids excludes her, and when the sun comes out for a one-hour period for the first time in seven years the other children lock her in a closet and she misses the sun. The sun only comes out once in seven years, and so to miss out on seeing it is a tremendous loss that Margot has to endure because she is an Outsider.

Another interesting aspect of an Outsider is what they do and how they behave. Billy, during his early childhood, spies on the Simpson house and its occupants. “I also took to spying on the Simpsons” The things he does and thinks whilst spying provide a sense of humour to the book. Billy’s games of Munchkins with his Grandfather and his invention of ‘The Dreaded Scarum’ provide a comic aspect to his life. None of these things would be done by anyone with a lot of friends to play with, but are done by those outside of society’s circles and groups.

Grandpa’s drinking problem teaches us the dangers of alcohol, and Grandpa & Billy’s trip to Amish house shows us the miracles of birth and life, and the sadness of death. Grandpa drinks because after the ‘Fiasco of the Ostriches’ he becomes a recluse and turns to drinking to fill time and take away his worries. The Amish people call on someone who accepts them for who they are and therefore don’t agree with the mainstream, to deliver their baby. Due to them being what they are, Outsiders do much more interesting things than those who do what everyone else is doing.

Arnie is an Outsider in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ and he does much more interesting things than most 18 year olds. He climbs trees and hides in them, runs around watching the procession of caravans come into town and consistently climbs to the top of the local water tower. His mother’s actions, or lack of, are also of interest. She never moves or goes out of the house, and is extremely obese.

The child in ‘Near The School For Handicapped Children’ by Thomas Shapcott does things very different to things that Insiders would do “...and when the lights do change, he skips across the road he, skips he skips he dances and skips.”

Outsiders have a quality of life that Insiders cant begin to understand and quite often it is much more interesting than an Insider’s. Insiders shouldn’t be so quick as to discount an Outsider’s point of view or their actions as foolish. Insiders seem to have the attitude shown by the lyrics of the song ‘Doesn’t Fit In’ by Belvedere “I ain’t going near him, ‘cause he doesn’t fit in.” but Outsiders have valid views and opinions to offer. That same song by Belvedere has these lines later on, “you cant judge a book by its cover, so don’t judge or your sister or your brother. You cant judge a person, by their face, clothes or hair, colour or style.” And this should be the view Insiders should take to those whom they deem ‘don’t fit in’. An outsider is often much more interesting than an Insider because their views, opinions, actions and behaviour have more value and worth, and they can enhance our quality and knowledge of life. Their suffering also makes us feel compassion for them.

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