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Abigail Williams

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Even though Abigail Williams does not appear in Act II she plays an important role in influencing many of the actions in this act. At the beginning of the Act we can see how Abigail’s actions in the past are influencing the marriage of John and Elizabeth Proctor. Additionally, Abigail’s lies have a strong effect on the future of many of the characters. Furthermore we see that Abigail’s great desire of revenge manipulates the events in the play. To that effect we can conclude that Abigail does not need to be present in order to hurt or affect others in the story. Her past lies and threats inspire actions in the present and future of the play.

To begin with, Abigail is hurting so much people only because she is seeking revenge. Abigail had an affair with John Proctor, and after that, she felt in love with him, however John was married and he did not wanted to continue with this affair, for this reason Abby wanted to revenge and get rid of Elizabeth, John’s wife. But in her search of revenge, Abby destroyed the life of many innocents, and we can even say that she destroyed the whole town with her lies and the way she manipulated people. Abigail started by lying and making all the other girls lye too, she wanted to cast a spell on Elizabeth but she was discovered, and trying to look like a victim, instead of being accused she started accusing people of witchcraft, due to Abigail’s lies many of the woman in Salem were accused and killed being innocent.

Continually we can see the effect of the many lies and actions of Abigail in the Proctor’s marriage. When Elizabeth found out about the affair between John and Abby, she was destroyed and even though she continued her marriage and she supposedly forgive John, their life were not the same, John tried to make everything that Elizabeth asked him, he did anything she wanted and he tried to showed her that he truly loved her. However, Elizabeth could not forgive him and she acted very cold and hard with him. In Act II we can see how, even when Abigail is not working anymore for the Proctors and she is very far from them, her presence is still felt in their house and between them. Abigail actions also affect Elizabeth when because of Abby’s lies she is accused of witchcraft, this shows that Abigail is capable of doing anything just to get rid of Elizabeth and stay with John. In Act II Abigail is not present but her presence can be felt when the Proctors fight and when because of her lies, Elizabeth is arrested and is accused of witchcraft and of trying to killed her.

Finally, after reading Act II the reader can see that Abigail does not need to be present in order to hurt. I believe that we can even conclude that all the lies and threats that Abigail have already say or done in the past will influence all the things that are happening and all that is going to happen in the play. The trials and accusations began because of her lies, and the town disintegrated after Abby and the other girls started the rumors and lies of witchcraft. Even though many innocent people were dying Abby did not stopped lying and forcing, through threats, the other girls to lie too. Abigail’s desire of revenge will take this town to ruin, in the same way her actions will ruin her plans of being with John Proctor and her own life.

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In conclusion when we read Act II, we can foreshadow that Abigail was going to cause so much hurt, because even her only presence caused the main events in this Act. For example when we see the attitude of Elizabeth towards John, their marriage was almost destroyed because of what happened between John and Abby. In addition all the trials and hangings were because Abigail’s desire of revenge. Abby and the other girls’s lies, hurt and damage just about all the families in Salem. In the end we can conclude that Abigail’s actions play an important role influencing the events in the play.

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