Thursday, July 12, 2012

Team Charter

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Team Charter, Work Expectations, Consensus, Making Decisions and Solving Problems as a Team. This is some of the concepts I have learned. The key to team success by creating a Team Charter which is the first step to team success, and now I have a better understanding of them.

A charter is"..A declaration or document setting forth the aims and principles of a group". ( Websters New World Dictionary ).

A Team Charter is a clear description of the teams mission, as well as the authority, and resources provided to accomplish that mission. The Charter typically includes a statement of mission, objectives or statement of work.

The charter typically includes a statement of mission, objectives or statement of background; authority or boundary conditions (scope, constraints, resources, and schedule):

The charter should be used to help

Serves as a contract between the team and the sponsor

Defines objectives and intent of the team - assures a common objective among team members

Keeps the team focused

Defines boundary conditions and helps the team determine when to raise an issue.

Consensus is a decision-making process that fully utilizes the resources of a group. It is more difficult and time consuming to reach than a democratic vote or an autocratic decision. Most issues will involve trade-offs and the various decision alternatives will not satisfy everyone. Complete unanimity is not the goal - that is rarely possible. However, it is possible for each individual to have had the opportunity to express their opinion, be listened to, and accept a group decision based on its logic and feasibility considering all relevant factors. This requires the mutual trust and respect of each team member. In my personal life and also in my professional life, decision-making has had a big impact in my life.
 Every day, at some point in my life, I have made good decisions or perfectly non-logical decisions that don’t turn out as I expect. Before I can understand why I make bad decisions, or good decisions, I have to understand how people make decisions, and the hidden cultural assumptions that influence my decision-making process. In my day-to-day life, facts are validation, coming at the end of the decision-making process, not at the beginning.
 One additional observation relative to my learning on decision-making and problem solving is that in practice, humans make very few major decisions by drawing up a checklist of positive and negative attributes. We don’t make it for the cars we drive, the friends we choose, the house we buy, or the person we marry we don’t even do it when we decide which profession we should pursue even those like engineering and science, that rely heavily on the dispassionate evaluation of quantifiable facts. In our daily lives, we make very few decisions using Process Logic. Instead, I notice that we use Cultural Logic. Our brain constantly monitors input from our senses, matching them for signatures, familiar patterns similar to those which the collective experience of the group tells us that will meet our needs. That’s why we gravitate towards neighborhoods of people who look and behave like us, and prefer new music that sounds like the music of our youth. Culture shapes expectations and assumptions which in turn, shape both the perception of a problem, and the direction necessary to solve it. Most problem-solving models start with “Define the problem,” which assumes a logic base of mutually shared and consistent sets of assumptions.

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