Monday, August 20, 2012

Boys and Girls

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In most parts of the world today, freedom is something you have when you move-out on your own; however, in other areas freedom is out of reach and even unknown. In Alice Monros short story, Boys and Girls, a girl lives a different life on a farm with her family. Between being forced to work in the kitchen with her mother and wanting to work on the field with her father, she yearns for freedom without even knowing it. Alice Monro uses symbols- through the foxes and horses- to portray the narrators inner-self, for sometimes symbolism speakes louder than words.

Although we sometimes may not like to speak of it, every person has strengths and weaknesses. In this short story, the narrators strength is portrayed by the fox. The fox, a dominant animal, preys on animals smaller than it. The narrator is dominating through-out the story as well. She feels bigger and smarter than her little brother. Like the fox, she is meant to be free, doing what she likes and when she wants. And yet, she is being stripped of her skin, as the fox of his fur, until there is nothing left to take. When the narrators father says that she is just a girl, the fox inside of her dies; her weakness, portrayed by the horse, then takes over. As wild and free as a horse is, once captured it gives up. Because of the love she has for her father, the narrator starts to believe his degrading comment. Like the horses captured, awaiting their sentence, the narrator realizes that she is condemned to live the life of her mother. Attending to her childrens and her husbands every need, she will slave away in the kitchen until finally her time comes.

The kitchen in which the narrators mother constantly works in, is far from freedom. It is dark, stuffy and hot, threfore the girl despises the kitchen and enjoys being outside. However, the rest of the farm is not much different. Overall, it is surrounded by a fence, which is attached to a gate. Without question, the entire farm seems like a prison. The girl, the mother, the foxes and the horses are all encaged in this prison by the man with the rifle-the father. In this short story, the narrator realizes that her destiny lies within the gate. The fox inside of her no longer exists; only the lonely soul of a broken down horse.

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