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As mentioned above, generally one type of obsession produces a certain compulsion, sort of a cause and effect situation. Obsessive thoughts of contamination and being dirty would usually result in compulsive hand washing and/or showering, for example. One book describing the life of someone suffering from this specific obsession, thus resulting in that compulsion, is "The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing", by Judith L. Rapoport, M.D. Not only does it focus on the experience and treatment of this specific case of OCD, but it also describes a woman who feels as though she must check her stove hundreds of times a day to make sure she has turned it off, as well as a woman who eventually plucks out every single hair in both eyebrows, in an attempt to ensure that her eyebrows are symmetrical. Another book describing the different types of OCD one can possess is "Just Checking Scenes from the life of an obsessive-compulsive", by Emily Colas. The author describes in the book how she was a young, intelligent, well-educated wife who had a secret that got in the way of certain activities. In the beginning, it was germs and food, but eventually her everyday actions were plagued by some kind of obsession and resulting compulsion. While all types of OCD require some kind of treatment, the appropriate remedy can vary, depending on the specific behaviors resulting from each obsession/compulsion.These different obsessions and compulsions are generally grouped into several broad categories, including aggressive obsessions, contamination obsessions, sexual obsessions, miscellaneous obsessions, somatic obsession-compulsions, counting compulsions, repeating rituals, checking compulsions, ordering/arranging compulsions, hoarding/collecting compulsions, and miscellaneous compulsions. There are most likely other obsessions and/or compulsions that don’t fit into these specific categories, but these are the most common.

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