Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poem "In the world today"

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In the world today, a rapper is shot,

And his music lives on forever.

In the world today, Gangs kill each other,

And nobody knows they are gone.

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In the world today, people die trying to come to America for work,

And Americans take them back to their country.

In the world today, People waste their lives begging for food,

And we accept them.

In the world today, an actor divorced,

And people worry about the money.

In the world today, Parents divorce,

And people worry about the kids,

In the world today, food is buried in the ground,

And nobody cares.

In the world today, kids starve to death,

And people continue to throw food away.

In the world today, children are having children,

And it is too acceptable.

In the world today, teens are having unprotected sex,

And children are born with aids.

In the world today, two artists of the same sex kiss,

And the world watches on television.

In the world today, gays are everywhere,

And people judge them without knowing them.

In the world today, one man can kill people through a window,

And people stay in their homes

for the fear of their lives and their kids.

In the world today, one kid can shoot his school,

And he is finally noticed.

In the world today, a musician died of drug overdose,

And everyone is in awe.

In the world today, a child tries drugs for the first time,

And the parents don’t think their kids could do that.

In my world, I am alone at school,

And have to make new friends.

In my world, sports are required of me,

And the better I do the more popular I am.

In my world, my dad is never wrong,

And I never understand what he is trying to say.

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